FEATURE FRIDAY: Into The Fire by Kelly Hashway

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INTO THE FIRE by Kelly Hashway
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
In one month’s time, seventeen-year-old
Cara Tillman will die and be reborn from her own ashes…
Her life
of secrecy has never been easy. She’s watched her younger brother, Jeremy, burn
and rise again in a coming-of-age process called rebirth. And just like her
brother, when her time comes, she won’t remember anything from her first life other
than she’s a Phoenix—a member of a small group of people descended from the
mythical Phoenix bird.
The last thing she needs to worry
about is falling for the new guy in town—Logan Schmidt.
Cara is
drawn to Logan in a way she can’t explain, but she’s not exactly complaining.
Everything is perfect…except it’s not. Once she’s reborn, she’ll forget Logan.
And to make things worse, a Phoenix Hunter is on the loose, and Cara’s
involvement with Logan is…

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FEATURE FRIDAY: My Vicious Demise by Shana Vanterpool

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by Shana Vanterpool

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC.

= = SYNOPSIS = = 

For twenty-three-year-old Rebecca O’Connor, there’s only one reason to live…her little sister, Raina. 

Through years of growing up in an abusive home, Raina and Becca have formed an unbreakable bond…until Raina falls in love and elopes. 

For the first time in her life, Becca is on her own. After breaking up with her boyfriend, she is homeless, broke, and she’s losing her grip on her life. 

Then she meets James Rush, a shy guy with sharp blue eyes and an invisible lure for her heart… 

Becca has always had to be the strong one. But the deeper James pulls her under, the more she wants to succumb to her vicious attraction. The fact that he’s deaf might make him that much more desirable. At least he…

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I’m Published (FOR REALS this time!)

Today has been a crazy roller coaster ride. Not only did my first book release for the second time, but I also had a wild, off-the-walls toddler and a sick husband to tend to. I’m frickin’ exhausted! But I couldn’t be happier to be a published author once again…this time with a publisher on my side!

The publishing journey so far has been a learning process, to say the least. I hope I come out of this a better writer and, more importantly, a better person. I’ve learned a lot about myself through this: specifically, who I am. I’m tough, driven, and determined, but I’ve got plenty of flaws and weaknesses that come out in full force when I’m sleep deprived and stressed. You learn who you really are when you’re put through the wringer, and that’s definitely what happened over the past year as I tried desperately to finish and publish my first book before hitting twenty-five years of age.

I came across this quote from my intro post in this blog, which was published four years ago. It brought tears to my eyes:

“I am a young, budding writer (20 years old) who has big plans for the future. I’m hoping to publish my first book before I’m 25 (a longshot? Yes. But it’s doable).”

It happened. I’m published at twenty-four.

Being published feels incredible, but it’s also a lot of hard work with no promise of reward. There are literally millions of other books out there to be found amidst. Even with the wonderful support of Team Limitless, I still feel a little lost at sea sometimes. How do I keep this needle from disappearing in the haystack? How do I make sure people don’t miss out on this story?

Here’s what I’ve learned. The only thing you can do as an author is take a deep breath, let go of criticism, and keep moving forward with your nose in a book. Whether it’s your book or another person’s, keep your nose in a book. It’s good for your writing and your brain. Also, don’t compete with people or monitor your ranks by the hour. Trust me, I know how hard that is, but it’s toxic, and it really doesn’t change a damn thing.

Focusing on improving my writing is what I plan to do from here on out. DORK is only one of my ideas, and I’ve got two more that are just begging to be written (more info on those later). First, I need to focus on DORK Two, which I’m guessing will be released sometime in March 2016. That’s another thing I’ve learned: being an author, a true one, doesn’t end with one book. The first is only the beginning.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Hopefully I’ll be blogging more soon and have lots more exciting news to share.

This is my book if you’re curious:


Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Diary-Rockers-Kid-D-O-R-K-Book-ebook/dp/B01882ARMM

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Diary-Rockers-Kid-D-O-R-K-Book-ebook/dp/B01882ARMM

Be sure to enter the Goodreads giveaway for a chance at one in three signed paperbacks!

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/27848302-diary-of-a-rocker-s-kid

Ciao for now!


Cover Reveal: Diary of a Rocker’s Kid by Haley Despard @HaleyDespard @LimitlessBooks #TeamLimitless #CoverLove

Author Jennifer Allis Provost

Title: Diary of a Rocker’s Kid
Author: Haley Despard
Series: D.O.R.K Book #1
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: December 1, 2015

★★★ SYNOPSIS ★★★
Madison Daley’s father has concealed the truth from her for seventeen years… 
Raised on a Kentucky farm, Madison is stunned when a conversational slip reveals her father Michael is a famous ’90s rock star known as the Grim Weeper. Michael left the spotlight and his mansion behind when Madison was dropped off on his doorstep by a woman in a black mask. A dark past is revealed, and the only thing Madison isn’t allowed to know is her mother’s name.
The answers Madison needs can only be found in Beverly Hills… 
Though she does hope to persuade her dad to return to the stage, Madison’s real mission is to discover the identity of her mother.
But she is slightly distracted—literally—by the boy next door. Giovanni Abate’s…

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Diary of a Rocker’s Kid Cover Reveal!!

This is the moment! Finally, I get to share the incredible cover that was commissioned by Limitless Publishing from Redbird Designs!

Diary of a Rocker’s Kid (DORK Series #1) is coming December 1, 2015.


Madison Daley’s father has concealed the truth from her for seventeen years…

Raised on a Kentucky farm, Madison is stunned when a conversational slip reveals her father Michael is a famous ’90s rock star known as the Grim Weeper. Michael left the spotlight and his mansion behind when Madison was dropped off on his doorstep by a woman in a black mask. A dark past is revealed, and the only thing Madison isn’t allowed to know is her mother’s name.

The answers Madison needs can only be found in Beverly Hills…

Though she does hope to persuade her dad to return to the stage, Madison’s real mission is to discover the identity of her mother.

But she is slightly distracted—literally—by the boy next door. Giovanni Abate’s father is an action film star, his stepdad is a major designer, and Gio has his own claim to fame. Madison catches the handsome, young Italian actor’s eye, and their mutual attraction makes for a hotter summer than she ever could have imagined.

Madison hasn’t set foot in California since infancy, but a lot of people are certain she has…

After Madison has a makeover, people are sure they’ve seen her somewhere before, and she is extremely curious about the identity of her supposed doppelganger. As she looks into this strange situation, she’s unaware that Gio is hiding a potentially devastating secret.

Could finding the answers she seeks change Madison’s life forever?

Or will it just lead to more questions to fill the…

Diary of a Rocker’s Kid.


Haley Despard was born and raised in small, yet ever-expanding Simpsonville, South Carolina. She discovered a love of writing at age fourteen and hasn’t been able to turn off the motor fingers since then. Today she lives just a stone’s throw over in the country side of Greer, SC with her husband, son, and Boston Terrier. Her loves include cats (even though she’s allergic because the universe hates her), reading, composing music, blogging, amateur photography, fro-yo, mall shopping trips, and anything that begins with, ends with, or includes the words “milk chocolate.” She also enjoys gaming with her husband on occasion and driving through the countryside with music on full blast.

Haley’s books will include a combination of feminism, romance, diversity, family values, complicated storylines, and maybe even a scheming heroine or two. She loves to defy conventions and standards and continually thinks outside the box. If you want to read something fresh and original, pick up a Haley Despard novel. A book should be able to make you gasp, sob, laugh hysterically, and want to hug the main character all at the same time.

Haley is very interactive on Facebook and Twitter so don’t hesitate to contact her at one of the links below, or you can email her at hdespardauthor@outlook.com.

LIMITLESS PUBLISHING: http://www.limitlesspublishing.net/authors/haley-despard/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/haleydespard

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/HaleyDespard

GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14171202.Haley_Despard WEBSITE: https://diaryofarockerskid.wordpress.com/


Cover created by Redbird Designs

Cover created by Redbird Designs

5 Common Misconceptions about Introverts

I’ve been classified as an introvert for most of my life now, and I can tell you for a fact that classification is true. I’m a textbook introvert. Group activities put a knot in my stomach. I’d much rather converse with people I’m very familiar with one on one or in a group no larger than five. My favorite activity is curling up on the couch with a throw, hot cookies or brownies, a good book, and maybe a fire in the fireplace if we can manage it. I don’t reach out to people much, and if I do, my heart is pounding, even if it’s a stranger who is literally paid to be nice to me.

via Giphy

via Giphy

Yes, I’m an introvert, and a lot of those stereotypes you’ve likely heard apply to me. However, I’ve also run into several misconceptions about introverts lately that disturb me. If you don’t mind too much (and I really hope you don’t, because I don’t want to be a bother) I’d like to explain.

Misconception #1: Introverts are selfish/self-centered.


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Because introverts have a harder time reaching out to others and don’t ask many questions about other people’s lives, we are often pushed off for being self-absorbed. It’s true that many introverts spend a lot of time in our heads. We are often introspective, which is why we make such great artists, writers, and thinkers. However, just because we don’t ask about your life doesn’t mean we don’t care. In fact, it’s actually our way of being considerate.

Let me explain. In my mind, being asked a butt load of questions about my personal life is invasive and annoying. I hate small talk and prefer to offer information about myself that I want others to know instead of being asked for it. Because of that perception, I may come across as disinterested in your life when I’m actually just trying to give you personal space. For example, I probably won’t ask what kind of men or women (or both) you prefer to date, even if we’re close friends. I figure if you want me to know that information, you’ll tell me. I don’t want to ask a personal question and get shot down because that makes me feel horrible, since I know how bad I feel when someone invades my space.

So please, tell me about your life. The important stuff. The real stuff. I’m one of the best listeners/amateur psychologists you’re ever going to meet. If you need to bore me with small talk, feel free, but don’t try to quiz me on it later, because my mind probably wandered into Neverland during that part of the conversation. Just a PSA. It’s not that I don’t care. It’s just literally painful to talk about anything that doesn’t feel authentic or important. On that line of thought, I’ll also say this: Please, please don’t try to BS an introvert. You’ll get shot down in a heartbeat, trust me.

Misconception #2: Introverts don’t like parties.

giphy (2)

One word can answer this one: WRONG.

I love a good party. I won’t be the life of the party by any means, but I will smile, laugh, and dance with the rest…as long as I know someone. If I’m in a room with a sea of people I don’t know, I’m going to feel alone and terrified. After all, what are you going to think of the weird quiet girl who randomly comes up to you, shaking in her boots, and says “hi” with eyes that say, “Tell me your deepest secrets?”

via Giphy

via Giphy

Yeah. Exactly. That would be creepy, so you’re not likely to find me approaching strangers. Like, ever. At least not without someone I know beside me to prove I’m not a psychopath.

Misconception #3: Introverts always want to be in their own little bubble.

via Giphy

via Giphy

One word in this sentence needs to be changed: ALWAYS.

Introverts often want to be in our own little bubble. It’s a safe place away from the meanies who don’t understand us and call us names. We’ll let other introverts into our bubble at times, and maybe even the understanding extrovert. But we spend a lot of time outside that bubble, mostly because it has to be done (work, shopping, social events, etc.). Sometimes, on a magical unicorn of a day, we’ll even step so far outside that bubble that we can embrace the outside world with open arms without a care in the world…like a little girl in a white linen dress spinning in a field of wildflowers on a seventy degrees and sunny kind of day. It’s glorious. It’s wonderful.

Usually it involves copious amounts of liquor, chocolate, and/or happy news, but it’s possible.

Take advantage of those mystical, wonderful, occasional days of living entirely on the outside and ask us whatever you want to know. Just don’t push us to the breaking point, because the bubble is always nearby, and we are always prepared to run to it in case of an emergency.

Misconception #4: Introverts are hard to get to know.

via Giphy

via Giphy

Ha…that’s a laugh. The truth is, introverts can talk about ourselves wayyyyy too much at times. All you have to do is prove yourself trustworthy and show genuine interest, and we’ll talk your ear off in a one-to-one setting (maybe even in a small group of friends if we trust each and every one of them). You may even have to make us shut up. We keep so much locked up inside that it will burst forth at any safe opportunity.

Misconception #5: Introverts don’t care if you disregard the fact that they’re an introvert.

via Giphy

via Giphy

This is one I never thought I would have to include here, but sadly, I do. So often I meet people that either push me way past my limits or rail against me for being different. That is the quickest way to get yourself cut from my life. One thing people need to know about introverts: We have no qualms about pushing people away if they don’t “get it” (especially if they don’t even try to). It’s not that we think they’re horrible people or anything, it’s just not in the cards for us to be friends with someone like that. You can’t explain introversion to someone who doesn’t and won’t understand.

I realize a lot of these have already been said, but since people still don’t understand, I guess we’re going to have to keep harping on this topic. Here’s hoping a new age is coming for introverts where we can act like a cat in human form (curling up in front of the fire with our “yarns” nearby) in peace, without the more canine-like humans constantly barking at us to come outside.

via Giphy

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Thanks for reading! And please, feel free to hug an introvert today…but only if you know you have permission.