In Case You Wanna Get To Know Me…

I have had a massive influx of followers on WordPress and Twitter lately. First of all, THANK YOU ALL. Secondly, I’d like to tell you a little about myself, so you know who you’re following.

I’m just going to answer a few simple “about me” questions here:

Full Name: Haley Despard

Age: 23 (24 this month)

Location: Greer, South Carolina (I believe this might be new info… can’t remember if I ever mentioned that or not. So yeah, when I write about Southerners, you’d best believe it’s accurate, y’all.)

Occupation: Stay-at-home mother, author, and part-time student

Hobbies: Writing piano music, writing the occasional poem or song lyrics, amateur photography, and… yeah, that’s about all I have time for these days.

Loves: My family, chocolate, cats, popcorn (seriously, few things in life compare to my love for popcorn. We always have to be well stocked), hugs, laughter, music, life, and fro-yo. Definitely fro-yo. (there are a lot of other things I love, too, but this is a pretty good list)

Hates: Prejudice, intolerance, bullies, folding laundry, dishes, mice, and snakes

Favorite bands: Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Green Day, Linkin Park, Muse, Daughtry (I could listen to Daughtry’s self-named album over and over all day long), Avenged Sevenfold, Within Temptation

Favorite solo artists: Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Tove Lo, Adele, P!nk (yes, my music tastes are spread far and wide)

Favorite authors: L.M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth (love love love her blog), John Green

Favorite drink: Lemon drop martini

Favorite TV shows: #1 of all time is HIMYM (if you don’t know that acronym, we can’t be friends… jk… I guess I’ll forgive you, but you’re missing out on one LEGEN-wait for it-DARY show), I also like FRIENDS, The Mindy Project, (used to like New Girl, but then it got dumb), South Park… basically any comedy, really.

Clothing style: Mom/gamer/rocker-chick-wanna-be

Favorite game: WoW (you’d better know that acronym, too)

I could go on and on, but I don’t want to bore anyone :) If you wanna know anything else, just ask!

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Thanks again, everyone!


Let’s Exchange Reviews!

Calling all fellow authors! I want to review your free ebooks. In exchange, all I ask is that you kindly read and review my debut YA contemporary novel, Diary of a Rocker’s Kid. I am open to all genres except horror or sensitive topics such as rape or incest. Contact me on Twitter or post your book below for consideration.

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Many thanks,


Slow and Steady

As some of you may know, I’m already working on the second installment in my D.O.R.K. series. I never thought I’d have this problem, but I’m actually struggling with the fact that I have too many ideas for this second book, and it’s hard to narrow them down. I’ve started over about five times already, and I’m getting a little frustrated that it’s taking so long just to get past the 5K word mark.

In times like these, I have to remind myself of the tortoise and the hare. My progress seems slow right now, but I’d rather take my time and produce something meaningful than rush through this second book and end up with a crappy product. After all, it took months just to get started on the working draft of D.O.R.K. Book One, and then once I had a rough draft, I had to rewrite it three more times after that to get it “perfected” (and even now it’s a work in progress). Producing high-quality novels and other works of entertainment means taking your time and pouring your essence into it, not cranking out crappy sequel after crappy sequel just to rake in the cash. (Take the Air Bud franchise, for instance…)

If you’re a writer and it feels like you’re never going to get your novel off the ground, just keep writing. Even if you only write 250 words a day, it’s going to get you somewhere eventually. Sometimes you’ll have to take a break for a day (or a week… or a month…) to let your brain rest, and that’s okay. That finish line isn’t going anywhere.

Speaking of Diary of a Rocker’s Kid Book One, it’s free until Tuesday, so what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy now before it’s too late!

Wish me luck on this second installment,


Crushing Self-Doubt

I’m about to get really, really real up in here, so if you can’t handle feelings, you might want to exit stage right.

Being a writer is almost more than I can handle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredible to be the creator of worlds. I love my characters almost as much as I love my own flesh and blood relatives. Sometimes I wish I could enter their world and live with them, even if it’s just for one day. But that love for my creations comes with a lot of pain when people scorn my work, say it’s not work, or simply don’t care at all.

I understand that not everybody is going to “get” authors, and people always judge what they don’t understand. It just seems to me that people could be a little gentler when you share a piece of your soul with them. The viciousness with which some people tear into books they don’t like has my nails in a horrible state lately. I’m just waiting on that first one-star review with scathing criticism… Even though I honestly believe the work is five-star worthy, and that has been confirmed a couple of times, I just know that one angry person is coming, and it gnaws at me day and night.

I guess I can be thankful in a way that if that does happen, it will mean I haven’t sunken into the depths of utter obscurity… Competing with millions of other books and writers makes you feel about as small as an atom sometimes. I never dreamed as a fourteen-year-old, bright-eyed, naive new writer that it would be such a struggle just to find 100 people that are interested in actually reading your book from start to finish. Writing a book does not equal #1 NY Times Best Seller. Usually it equals tedious hours of editing, even more hard work marketing, and an ass-ton of self-doubt. Clawing your way through all of that feels a bit like digging your way out of a coffin in the ground.

I haven’t given up hope yet, and I never will. I’m just saying it’s hard, folks. Really, really hard. If you’re new to writing and you think writing isn’t hard, you’re probably not a real author yet. Just wait, because writing the book is actually the easy part.

Thanks for reading this depressing post. Here’s hoping the next one is a little more celebratory.


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Okay, NOW It’s Free

Sorry about that misleading post title yesterday. Diary of a Rocker’s Kid is now free through the next five days. Pick up a copy on me:

The Kindle app is available on just about any smart device, so don’t think you can’t get your free copy just because you don’t have a Kindle. Also, if you love the book or even like it a little, please post a review and share with your friends. Word of mouth is the best way to spread the word about a book, and I’d really like to spread the word about this one.

Thanks all!