I have never disliked Pixar…

Okay, I still don’t. They’re too darn good to hate. But did they REALLY have to steal my idea for a heroine? I just realized the other day that my main character in Siranai, Matika, is way too similar to Merida in Pixar’s upcoming movie, “Brave.” Pixar trumps this unknown authoress any day. So now what do I do?

Mati was very set in my mind, but it looks like I may have to tweak a few things if I don’t want to get sued when I publish (or pitch my idea to Pixar, as I have often fantasized about). So here’s my thought; I need to change her hair color. I’m not sure whether it should be short and blonde, long and black with a blue tint, or some unnatural color. I’m leaning toward the black, but short and blonde would be cute too… I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to think about this.

Anyhoo, thanks for listening to my quick little rant here. If you have a preference on the hair color choices I listed, please speak up in the comment box below 🙂


A Little Direction

For months… actually years… I have been trying to figure out where I should go, what I should do, and who I should be. It’s no easy task. Life has thrown me a lot of twists and turns and sometimes I feel completely lost.

I am “good” at a lot of things. I think this is my biggest problem. I don’t “excel” at anything. There is not one thing that people can look at me and say, “She is _____.” I’m just…here. Or at least that’s how I feel.

But now, at age 20, I think I’ve finally found my niche.


I have to create a business plan for my Salon Management class. At first I was just going to write it as if I were cutting hair from home, but then I had another idea, so I decided to write it out. The more I wrote, the more it blossomed and I ended up with a business idea that is not only workable, but catchy and marketable. My business teacher loved it and thinks I should go for it even if I don’t finish my Cosmetology degree.

I realized through this incident that I LOVE the idea of starting my own business. No matter what I’ve thought about doing for a career, I’ve always wanted to have a position of leadership someday. I want to put my ideas into action and watch them change people’s lives.

Now I’m not really a business woman–at least not yet. Rather than spend my time studying things that I already know a decent amount about (writing, music, etc.) I think I should focus on learning more about an area in which I am not very skilled, but need to be. I feel like studying Business Administration might be a smart decision for me. Even if I don’t end up running my own business, in this day in age, a little knowledge about marketing and finance could never hurt anyone.

This revelation does not necessarily translate into a set path for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t want it to. But it least it has given me a little direction.