Utter Insanity

Alright peeps… My head is spinning and I’m going to attempt to touch down to earth for a few minutes and post in this blog. Life has been utterly insane lately, but I couldn’t be happier with the direction in which it’s headed. I haven’t had much time to actually write, but damn, have I made some progress. Allow me to elaborate, my dears.

First of all, this week was my first week of class. I am attending college again for a degree in Communication and Professional Writing. I am so excited about this turn of events because I have always wanted a B.A. and now I have found a college online that will allow me to take one or two classes every 9 weeks entirely from home and achieve my dreams while simultaneously raising my son and writing. I know I might sound “religious” if I say this, but I feel like God opened a door for me and I feel incredibly blessed to be where I’m at.

Secondly, I have decided to resurrect my writers’ group and I have help doing it. My co-admin and a leader from another writers’ group and I are going to join forces to make a new group out of old and new members so we can share our endeavors and get the feedback we as writers so desperately need. I am not giving out names for sake of privacy but I can assure you, these ladies are awesome and a pleasure to work with. I see blue skies and rainbows ahead for these groups who will now become one (from time to time… or permanently… time will tell!)

Third, I just have had so many good ideas lately. And I mean good. Like, “make myself cry” good. I wish I had time to write them all down, but for now I’m just hitting “save” in my brain and I will write them down when I get the chance. I wish I could just wave a magic wand and have the books written how I want them… but alas, that is not how real life works.

So yeah, my life just got a hell of a lot busier, but I like it busy. If it isn’t busy, it’s boring, and I don’t do boring, peeps. (Does anyone even say “peeps” anymore? I feel like my generation has passed and I’m only 23 :/ )

Have a fantastico weekend, my lovely readers!