Hi readers! I got tired of (it is very confusing and annoying at times, plus there aren’t as many options) so I moved here! Please follow this blog!

I am a young, budding writer (20 years old) who has big plans for the future. I’m hoping to publish my first book before I’m 25 (a longshot? Yes. But it’s doable). Here I will post all my writing woes and successes over the next few years.

Will I get a lot of rejections and people telling me I can’t do it? Yes. Will there be days when I want to throw every manuscript I’ve ever written in the sewer? Yes. Do I need support from other people, especially when I think I can handle everything by myself? Yes. Yes. Yes. So please bear with me as I act like a young, foolish idiot with a few brief moments of brilliance peeking through every now and then.