New Year’s Goals

Okay, I didn’t have time to post the first half of this yesterday, so I’m just going to post what I did this year and what I hope to do next year at the same time.

In 2012–

1. I started the year as a nanny and stayed a nanny for 7 months. I loved the kids I babysat and miss them often.

2. While I was a nanny, I met my wonderful husband on Story later 😉

3. I hit 45k on a novel for the first time EVER. I ended up starting over on it but I still have it (somewhere) and I consider that a huge accomplishment and proof that I CAN do it.

4. I had several meetings throughout the year with my wonderful group of writer friends called “Scribblers Central.” I love them so much! They encourage me and motivate me to stay on the path even when I feel like giving up for good.

5. I worked as a photographer for 2 months and loved it, solidifying that photography is one of my passions and talents that I need to pursue in life.

6. I got engaged and then married to my man, and on the weekend of our marriage we also got a doggy. His name is Bryan Buster and he is our first “kid.” We love him and each other very dearly.

7. I made the decision to follow my dreams no matter what the circumstances or the cost. Which is HUGE.


So that’s what I did. Not such a bad year! Oh, and as promised–

The story starts with a 20-year-old girl who just wanted to have some fun and see what was out there. I really had no intentions of moving quickly with anyone. I got several messages from creeps and eventually just stopped trying. Then all of a sudden, I got a message in my inbox that someone had “winked” at me. I checked out his profile and liked what I saw. He seemed decent, funny, and charming, so I winked back within about 5 minutes of receiving his message. He instantly responded with, “Wow, that was fast!” We talked a bit and found out we had a LOT in common, so we set up a date. 2 days after that first message, we met at Olive Garden. At first I didn’t know how things were going to go, but then over dinner I showed him some of my writing and he gave me some pointers. I could not believe he was intelligently discussing my writing with me! Fantasy is both of our favorite genre and we had plenty to talk about for the rest of the evening. It didn’t take us long after that to realize we were meant for each other 🙂 We knew we were going to marry each other almost from day one. He is my best friend, my encourager, and my supporter in everything and I know we will do great things together. He was the missing piece in my life and he has already deepened my ideas on just about everything, including my writing. Later this week, I’ll reveal a little bit about the new version of the story I was writing before.


And now, the main event–goals for 2013!

1. Start out the new year with a kiss from both hubby and puppy.

2. Get started on the first draft of my new and improved novel idea.

3. Get into the music program at the college I have selected.

4. Save up for and purchase a professional-grade camera.

5. Start my Commercial Music degree in the fall.

6. Lose 30 lbs.

7. Continue to pursue knowledge, truth, and success regardless of what I actually accomplish.


What are your goals? Comment please 🙂


~Alli Day


Fresh Year, Fresh Commitment

Alright y’all, I know I have not been super faithful with posting this year (okay let’s face it, I’ve been awful) but 2013 is a year full of promise and hope for me and I fully intend to get off my butt… in a manner of speaking… and start writing/composing in earnest again. You know that difficult choice I was talking about last time? Well, I’ve made it. I’m going to take that leap of faith. I’m going to follow my dreams. If I fail, I fail. My husband is my biggest supporter and he has encouraged me to do whatever it takes to make myself happy and to succeed.

The sky’s the limit in 2013! I have a tradition I always do on the 30th and 31st of every December and I kinda hope the idea spreads, cause it’s really fun. On the 30th, I write down all my big accomplishments (or at least happy memories) of the past year. Then on the 31st, I write down my goals for the upcoming year. It’s fun to look back on those posts/journal entries and see what I did accomplish and what I still have the pleasure of pursuing.

Tomorrow I will be posting what I did in 2012. I will be including the story of how I met my soulmate on, so stay tuned 😉

~Alli Day

A Difficult Choice

There’s something I think every true artist struggles with–do you risk it all and follow your dreams, or do you carry on with normal life and hope something great happens?

I just got married. We got a puppy around the same time we got married. I love my husband with all my heart and I want to support our new family financially. That means either getting a job, writing a crazy good novel, winning American Idol (ha, yeah right) or going to school and busting my butt to finish so I can earn MORE money in the future… or all of the above! As much as I have wanted to write lately, it seems like everything is standing in my way. My ideas aren’t good enough. I have a home to take care of. I need to find some work in this interim period between now and when I’m possibly starting school again.

I have so many dreams and goals that I would love to achieve, but I haven’t the slightest idea as to how to start on any of them. I’m 21 years old and I don’t want to wait until I’m old and gray to start overcoming my obstacles. I guess the hardest part is just taking that first scary step. The hardest part is getting the train moving. The hardest part is typing the first word.

Oh, by the way, I hope everyone noticed that… AHEM… we’re still here. So much for the Mayan apocalypse.

~Alli Day

What Defines You? (My Confession)

This has been the biggest question on my mind lately. Am I defined by…


My name?

My religion?

My race?

My gender?

Who does/does not love me?

My career?

How far I get in life?

All of the above…. or none of the above?


Let’s be honest, we all define ourselves by something outside ourselves. It may be another person, material possessions, a job, a belief, or even a persona. Why? Why are we not enough for ourselves?

Lately I am finding, though, that there is only one constant in my life, one person I could NEVER, EVER be without, and that is me. That begs the question, do I love me? Do I treat myself the way I would treat someone else that I loved?

Sometimes I think we humans have problems because we genuinely hate ourselves. We can’t forgive ourselves for the things we do wrong. We despise characteristics of ourselves that we shouldn’t despise. We criticize ourselves for the smallest mistakes. Is it any wonder that we start treating other people the same way?

How much different would the world be if everybody loved themselves and thought the best of themselves? Life is what you think it is. If you think positive, you will reap positive rewards. So why do we sow seeds of bitterness and hatred directed at our own selves, let alone others who are doing the same thing to themselves?

What defines you? You do. There is no one else on this planet that can legitimately control what you think of yourself. Influence? Yes. But they can never control you.

Now for my confession: I’m sick of being lazy because I don’t believe in myself. I haven’t been writing because I don’t think I’m good enough. All I can see is my flaws and not the enormous potential I was created with. That is over. If I don’t post on this blog every week from now on, please, someone come kick me in the butt. Sitting on my couch feeling sorry for myself is never going to win me any awards or publish any books.

Thank you to anyone who reads this. I hope I have inspired you like you inspire me.

~Alli Day