Stasis–A Poem

I have been going through a long period of stasis in my writing and in my professional life. Nothing I do seems to pan out and it’s very frustrating being unemployed when you want to work so badly. This is a poem I wrote about my “stuck” feelings. If it gets enough feedback I may post a video of myself performing it as a dramatic reading 🙂



A poem by Alli Day



Like a wild animal

Clawing at the bars

Gazing at the lock

Reaching for the key

Can’t move

Give up

Go to sleep and start again tomorrow



Feet in the quicksand

Trying to escape

Crying out for help

Wishing words would come

Can’t scream

Give up

Let the blackness suck you in and steal your soul



Fire has fizzled out

Ashes all around

Smoke has gone away

Bitter, cold wind comes

Can’t reignite the flame



There’s still a spark!

Don’t give in!

Don’t let the cold world freeze your heart!