Book Boost: Next Door to a Star by Krysten Lindsay Hager

A fellow Limitless author, Krysten Lindsay Hager, has a fantastic YA book releasing tomorrow, and it is my privilege to be able to share this cover and synopsis with you!


NEXT DOOR TO A STAR by Krysten Lindsay Hager

Genre: Young Adult


Hadley Daniels is tired of feeling invisible.

After Hadley’s best friend moves away and she gets on the bad side of some girls at school, she goes to spend the summer with her grandparents in the Lake Michigan resort town of Grand Haven. Her next door neighbor is none other than teen TV star Simone Hendrickson, who is everything Hadley longs to be—pretty, popular, and famous—and she’s thrilled when Simone treats her like a friend.

Being popular is a lot harder than it looks.

It’s fun and flattering when Simone includes her in her circle, though Hadley is puzzled about why her new friend refuses to discuss her former Hollywood life. Caught up with Simone, Hadley finds herself ignoring her quiet, steadfast friend, Charlotte.

To make things even more complicated, along comes Nick Jenkins…

He’s sweet, good-looking, and Hadley can be herself around him without all the fake drama. However, the mean girls have other ideas and they fill Nick’s head with lies about Hadley, sending him running back to his ex-girlfriend and leaving Hadley heartbroken.

So when her parents decide to relocate to Grand Haven, Hadley hopes things will change when school starts…only to be disappointed once again.

Cliques. Back-stabbing. Love gone bad.

Is this really what it’s like to live…Next Door To A Star?

Book trailer:

Bio: Krysten Lindsay Hager is an obsessive reader and has never met a bookstore she didn’t like. She’s worked as a journalist and humor essayist, and writes for teens, tweens, and adults. She is the author of the Landry’s True Colors Series and her work has been featured in USA Today and named as Amazon’s #1 Hot New Releases in Teen & Young Adult Values and Virtues Fiction and Amazon’s #1 Hot New Releases in Children’s Books on Values. She’s originally from Michigan and has lived in South Dakota, Portugal, and southwestern Ohio. She received her master’s degree from the University of Michigan-Flint.






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Upcoming Book Blog!


I am starting a book blog (book reviews, cover reveals, author interviews, etc.) and I am actively seeking books to feature (plus any brilliant name ideas for the blog itself).

I have 1600+ followers on Twitter and 200+ followers on this blog, and I hope to build that following (and that of fellow authors) through this venture. I will only post positive (with possible constructive criticism) reviews. My genre preference is YA, NA, Music Fiction, Romance, and Dystopian. Fantasy and Sci-Fi may be accepted as well.

Blog name and dedicated email to come, but for now you can send your blurbs to for consideration. Please allow at least one week for blog setup, and another 1-3 weeks for the review/cover/etc. to be posted.

Thank you for your interest!


What It’s Really Like to be a Mother, an Author, and a College Student

People ask me how I do it. How do I raise a 16-month-old, write novels, and go for a Bachelor’s degree all at once? Let me just say this: If you’re prepared to hear the truth, read on. If you’re reading this to hear some kind of “Wonder Woman” story about a person who has it all together, move along. People who know me and my writing know that I keep it real. I do not claim to be a superhero or supernatural. Believe me, there are days when I fall apart and ask the universe why it trusted me with so much. However, I am thankful every day for the great opportunities I have, and I wouldn’t change a thing. So, for those who are curious, here’s what it’s really like trying to have it all.

17-hour Work Days.

Yes. 17. And that’s on a good day. From the moment my sweet toddler wakes me up at 7 AM to the moment I crumple into bed at midnight (again, if I’m lucky), I am working. If I’m not taking care of baby, writing, editing, marketing my work, networking, or doing homework, I’m desperately trying to get some kind of household chore accomplished or working out a troublesome scene in my head. I even consider listening to music to be work now, because I’m studying it. Analyzing it. Figuring out how I can work its themes into my novel somehow. Yes, I really am that crazy and obsessed. Deal with it.

No Weekends.

This shouldn’t be any surprise to any parent out there. Of course I don’t get weekends. I have a kid. I’m also a student, which means the weekend is the perfect time to hand off my kid to someone who’s kind enough to watch him (usually my husband) and get some homework done. Sometimes I’ll get a couple hours of free time (which only serves to make me want more) but rarely a whole day to myself. That’s laughable, actually.

Perpetual Dry Eyes.

I am constantly looking at some kind of screen. I’m an online student and I do all of my writing on Microsoft Word, plus my correspondence with my publisher and other authors is online, and I use Facebook and Twitter to connect with said authors and other students. What does all of that equal? A lot of time on the damn computer or iPhone. Going to bed with bloodshot eyes is now par for the course.

Truckloads of Mommy Guilt.

I wish I could explain to my son why Mommy is not the ever-present, bow-at-your-feet, wish-granting magical fairy princess that some SAHMs seem to be. I get distracted. I have deadlines. Sometimes I have to go away for a few hours while I work on a project. I wish I could split into three (at least) and give one copy of myself solely to him and meeting his seemingly constant need for Mommy’s attention, but regrettably I have to do the best I can with the version of me that currently exists. I shower my love on him when I’m taking care of him and when I take out time just to play with him and make him feel loved, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like I’m doing enough, and that sucks for any parent.

Judge-y, Judge-y People and their Judge-y, Judge-y Comments.

“What do you do on that computer all day long?” (Answer? None’ya.)

“How can you say you have a job when you’re not making any money?” (…really? That one is seriously a low blow, y’all.)

“Why are you taking time away from your child to work and go to school?” (Answer? Another low blow. And also none’ya. And also, I mean, I’m like ten feet away from him right now.)

“Why does your mind keep wandering while I’m talking to you?”

“Why are your eyes glazed over… Haley? Haley?! Earth to Haley!!”

Okay, yeah, so the last two questions might be justified, but seriously, people? I’m exhausted. I’m fried. My head has been spinning like the spin cycle in your washing machine all day, so give me a break. As for the other digging questions and snide remarks, I could really do without them. Trust me, there’s no way I could ever explain my insatiable drive and passion to someone who doesn’t understand.

Forgetting to Eat.

This one happens a lot, especially in the morning. I always make sure my son is fed, but I somehow forget that I also need sustenance. I usually remember around noon when I start feeling like a zombie.

Looking for Any Excuse to Get Out of the House.

Seriously. Can I please see four walls that are not the interior of my own home for once? And I’m starting to actually enjoy talking to strangers, which could prove problematic if I’m not careful… (Jk, I have a little more common sense than that)


These are all I can think of at this late hour, but I’ll add more to this list if I think of them. Now it’s time for one of my favorite parts of the day: crumpling into an exhausted heap in my snuggly, warm, screen-free bed. Night night, all.


No Longer Indie

Hey everyone,

Sorry to break it to you this way, but I am no longer a member of the indie author community. Reason being?

Diary of a Rocker’s Kid scored a contract with Limitless Publishing, LLC.

I am beyond ecstatic about this, and I am very much looking forward to what they will be able to do with my DORK series. It’s officially going to be a three-parter now, but first we’ve got to re-release this first book (again… yes, I know…). Limitless Publishing is home to the works of some great authors, including Apryl Baker (The Ghost Files), J.L. Drake (The Broken Trilogy), and Skyla Madi (The Consumed Trilogy). I am humbled to be working alongside such accomplished people, and I really hope that someday one of my books can measure up to theirs.

Thank you so much, Limitless Publishing, for this incredible opportunity! Everybody stay tuned for release news!

Thank you as well to all the indie authors whom I was privileged to call colleagues for a while (I will still endlessly support authors, traditional or indie!).


Updated Goodreads Info

I finally got Goodreads to add me as an author, and I updated my profile and the Diary of a Rocker’s Kid page. If you get a minute, drop by and follow me there, would you?

And if you feel like you wanna, go ahead and add this to your list:

Thanks everybody for your support so far 🙂 Big, BIG news coming up soon, so stay tuned!


BOOK REVIEW: Tales of the Zombie Apocalypse, Issue #1, by Michael Anthony (and Others)

CONTENT WARNING: Graphic violence. Intended for mature readers only. (book link:


4.5 out of 5 stars. Letter Rating: A

I was riveted all the way to the end even though I’m not typically a fan of the genre. You find out enough about the various characters to be rooting for them, and then you’ll be deliciously horrified when the unthinkable happens. The descriptions of the zombies and dangerous situations were graphic and paint a grim, chilling picture of what life would be like for the everyday person if the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow.

At the beginning of a couple of stories, I was a little confused because it didn’t seem like the beginning of a zombie story. However, as you read through it, you start connecting the dots and realizing how it ties in. Each one had a different premise, and some were very creative and out-of-the-box.

Kudos to all the writers involved! It takes a lot to keep my interest in one zombie story, much less ten!