#LifeBooksWriting – A Day In My Life

Hoo boy, I’m gonna have fun with this one.

Currently, I’m typing this standing up because I have to keep my laptop away from my son. That alone should give you some insight on my circus of a life. As an author, student, mother, and co-owner of a business, there is never a dull moment. I literally never get bored and am always working on something, whether it be a new teaser design or a drama-filled scene in a book.

So here it goes:

Around 7:30-8 AM, my husband and son wake me up. I kiss Hubs goodbye and laze on the couch for about 30 minutes, trying to wake up, and then I finally remember I need coffee or something to eat.

8:30-9:30, I get my son dressed, fed, and happy while I simultaneously catch up on business email and notifications from the night before.


K, so full disclosure, he’s not dressed today. He’s naked and seems to like it that way. At least his diaper is clean, right?

9:30-10:30, I let my son play or watch TV while I get some work done.

10:30-2, in today’s case, I get myself and Bubby ready and go out to lunch with family and wherever else they decide to take me today. While we’re out, I’m like, “Hey, can I run into Bi-Lo and pick up a few groceries while you hang out with Bubby?” Two birds with one stone. The biggest perk of my life is having plenty of loving babysitters around.

2:30-3ish, we’re home, and my son is finally in bed for a nap. Whew! Finally time to get some real work done, whether it be homework, designing, or writing.

4:00, Bubby wakes up crying. Great. Now he’s going to be in a foul mood, and I’m going to have to try to get him out of it for the next 30 minutes. So much for hitting 2K words today.

Please Stop

4:30-6:30, I try to balance housework, keeping Bubby entertained, and cooking dinner while I continue to respond to emails and talk to clients as I can.

6:30-9:00 is dinner and family time. We keep that religiously. I get dirty looks if I so much as take my laptop out while family time is going on.

9:00 onward, I’m lucky if I have enough energy to stay awake. If I do, it’s back to more writing or graphic design homework until I finally get to the point where I can’t keep my eyes open.

This doesn’t even include the myriad of small tasks that have to be done during the day, such as laundry, feeding the dog, taking out the trash, and cleaning my son’s high chair tray a zillion times. I’m always in a frantic state of “GET ‘ER DONE,” which is probably why I get so exhausted at night. At least I get plenty of sleep. I’d be a zombie if I didn’t.

Some days I wake up as early as 5:30 AM to get in some extra writing or “me” time. The early morning hours are quiet, dark, and private, which I absolutely love. I find them inspiring for some reason. Yes, I’m that weird.

Then I get tired around 8 or 9 and have to chug the coffee.


Adulting is hard. I need a day at the spa.

Thanks everybody for your interest in my writing. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to post again next week.



2 thoughts on “#LifeBooksWriting – A Day In My Life

  1. Hi! Does this work if I reply to your post email?

    I understand. Your schedule sounds familiar. And it doesn’t get easier just because kids get potty trained either! Although that’s another craziness all its own!

    Love, Martha

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