The Sunshine Award

I feel honored that someone thought I was uplifting and inspiring. Thanks Khaula Mahzar 🙂 (Sorry I’m just going to have to post the links after the names because I’m not that WordPress-savvy yet :P)


Here goes nothing! I’m doing this in the form of 10 Random Facts instead of long, drawn-out Q&A (because I’m lazy… Plus no one’s actually going to read something tedious and drawn-out anyway, right??)

Soooo, 10 Random Facts about me–

1. My pseudonym was (partially) based on a typo that one of my friends made while texting.

2. I don’t like cherries, but I have an aunt named Cherry.

3. I like lame Disney sequels (sometimes).

4. I’m uncreative when it comes to EVERYTHING… except music and writing.

5. People have called me snobbish before, even though I am the least confident person I know. It’s because I walk fast as if I’m confident but I rarely initiate a conversation, so I’m a bit paradoxical.

6. Sometimes I start laughing like a maniac if I need relief from stress. It usually lasts for about 10 minutes and before it’s over everybody ends up laughing at ME.

7. I sleep in a power recliner instead of a bed. It’s very comfy but it’s sinking in because I’m in it so much.

8. I have the tiniest toenails you’ve ever seen. Sometimes when I cut them the little ones disappear.

9. I also have two toenails per toe on each of my little toes. Basically I just have strange feet in general.

10. I have a very sharp intuition and have had several prophetic dreams. These have strengthened my faith in God and my faith in the spiritual world in general.

Now for my nominations…

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And, of course, the lovely lady who nominated me, Khaula Mazhar.

Hope you enjoyed my random facts and will check out my nominees! They’re awesome! 🙂