Character Introductions

I think it’s about time you met some of the other characters in my new novel. A couple of the names have been changed and things will continue to evolve as I keep writing, but last night I got a lot of ground covered on the storyline and soon I will be writing for real (OMG!!!!!).

You already met Lithiril, the heir to the throne of the fairy kingdom, Arbadia, and the destined savior of her people.

Maxinine you heard of as well–Lithiril’s grandmother who raises her on a secret island.

Azyrith is Maxinine’s lady-in-waiting. She and her family live with Maxinine and Lithiril on the island. At the time of the escape, she has a husband, Merimus, a two-year-old son, and a baby girl.

Ishnol is Merimus and Azyrith’s son and Lithiril’s best friend from infancy.

Arysa is the daughter of Merimus and Azyrith. She does not feel included by Ishnol and Lithiril, which leads to bitterness in her heart and gets her in trouble later.

Jenexis is no longer the name of Lithiril’s father, it is the name of her pet dragon. Jenexis owned the island before the small group of fairies showed up, but they tamed him and he became entranced by Lithiril.

Dyrol is the evil king of Siranai. He is a master of dark magic and holds the Arbadians slaves. They are not merely slaves physically, but in their minds and hearts as well because he has made them believe that they have no powers and they are worthless without him.

That’s all for now 🙂 I hope that excites you as much as it does me!!

~Alli Day


Lithiril’s Story (A Short Summary)

Okay everyone, the moment you have all been waiting for… (drumroll please)

REAL information about my upcoming novel!

I just wrote this today. It is merely a foreshadowing of things to come, not an actual excerpt from my book. Also, Lithiril is only one in several important characters in my story so this is definitely not all there is to it. I hope this catches your interest! 🙂

(names, details, and general storyline subject to change)


Lithiril is the long-lost princess of Arbadia, the fairy kingdom. Arbadia has been taken over by humans and the once green, luscious countryside has become barren. The fairies have lost confidence in themselves and their powers and very few still have any hope.

The story goes that Lithiril’s parents were madly in love even before they were married. The moment her father Jenexis laid eyes on her mother Helinia, he knew she was special and wanted to know more about her. She was a noble and he was the crown prince, so no one frowned upon their union. They were married when they were both 17.

Not long after their marriage, the king died of illness. Jenexis was forced to take the crown at the tender age of 19. He was young and foolish and made some bad decisions that led to war with Siranai, the neighboring country ruled by humans, while Helinia was pregnant with Lithiril. Lithiril was healthy when she was born, but regrettably Helinia did not live through the pregnancy.

Jenexis and the fairies were winning the war until he received word that Helinia had passed. Jenexis’ heart was completely, irreparably broken. His drive faded and he was unable to motivate the troops to keep their fighting intensity. Eventually he was killed by the king of Siranai and his entire army fell captive to the Siranian troops.

Word reached the castle that the king had died and the army had been taken captive. The queen mother, Maxinine, took Lithiril and her handmaiden (and handmaiden’s family) and went into hiding on a secret island to preserve the last remaining hope for Arbadia. Lithiril grew up safely on the island, not knowing anything about her family’s history or her identity until she was 16.


That’s all for now! Thanks for reading, as always!! 🙂

~Alli Day


With the unfortunate death of my laptop screen this past week, it became more and more difficult to continue Script Frenzy. Eventually I kind of gave up the ghost. It’s just not meant to be this year. However, I now have a great story to work with and I think writing it as a novel is my next course of action.

It’s almost official, Velaria is probably going to be the prequel to Siranai (or the first in a series… probably the latter). Nothing is set in stone about either of these two stories as of now, but it’s all kind of coming together.

Velaria still has a very strong political message, but it’s also going to be fun to read and whimsical; a difficult blend, but I think it works. Ardith is going to change from a sweet, innocent, kind fairy to a kick-butt heroine by the end of the book. I will be telling the story from her perspective so the audience can see her total inner transformation. She goes from wanting to do something about her country’s plight to using powers no fairy has ever used before and showing the world that power can be used for good. I’m a little nervous about writing this book, to be honest. It’s moving into some dangerous territory that might be stepping on some people’s toes. But in a strange yet powerful way, I feel like it’s necessary to move forward with this. Who knows what it might morph into?

So unfortunately, I’m pretty much down and out as far as Script Frenzy goes. But I feel like it was divine appointment in a way that I started SF with this idea in the first place. Will keep you posted! 🙂

Happy Thursday!


Progress Report on Siranai

I have not given an in-depth progress report on my pet project in a while, so I thought I should let you guys in on what’s happening here.

It started as a novel, and has now morphed into a TV series. I have found that writing in script form is easier for me and it’s not as daunting working on one episode at a time as it is working on a whole frickin novel. My original idea was to just go in chronological order, from Mati’s parents in Siranai and the takeover all the way to the end, but I think it might be more interesting to start with Mati as a 15 year old and have flashbacks to explain what happened in the past. There are a lot of episodes that are going to involve the Kurnalans’ royal past, so I think that will work well.

In case you have NO idea what I’m talking about, here’s the gist of the way the pilot’s going to go.



Mati is introduced as a refugee princess on a secret island in the middle of nowhere. She is living with her mother, her “uncle,”  and the queen’s lady-in-waiting and her son.  Mati has become an excellent hunter and in the first scene, she shoots a deer. With Darek’s (the servant boy’s) help, she brings it back for dinner for the family. She is obviously being put to work on the little farm they’ve created, and yet she’s still treated like a princess by the servants.

During the course of conversation at dinner, we find out that Mati is turning 15 the next day and that means she’s becoming an adult. Jaimron, the uncle, secretly asks Sarla if she’s giving Mati a certain “necklace” for her birthday and if she knows “what it does.” We wonder what he’s talking about, and then–


King Renton (Mati’s father), younger Sarla, and baby Mati are introduced, and they are living happily at their palace in Siranai. Jaimron comes to visit and tells Renton that he’s heard some “strange murmurings” about a possible break out and attack from the rebels who have been banished by the kings of Benedaea to Maladi. Renton brushes it off as just a rumor, and doesn’t take him seriously. (P.S. Jaimron and Renton refer to each other as “cousins” at this point. Wha…? We thought he was Mati’s uncle?)


It is Mati’s 15th birthday and Darek ticks her off a bit by jokingly asking if she’s “becoming a man or a woman” because of her tomboyishness (the fact that he feels comfortable enough to joke around with her makes us wonder. Isn’t he supposed to be the servant?). She is upset because she thinks he’s always seen her as just another boy to play with and he has to win her favor back by telling her that he DEFINITELY sees her as a young woman. (by this we see there is a spark between them, and they have obviously been buddies for a while) Then, to further make up for his foolishness, he offers to do her chores because “a lady should not have to do chores on her birthday.” (we thought ladies, and especially princesses, never had chores…?)

Sarla, Jaimron, and Omeyla (the lady-in-waiting) are talking in the kitchen, and we find out why Mati has to do chores. Jaimron injured his knee permanently during their escape from Siranai and Sarla and Omeyla have had to run the farm ever since they got there. Sarla found it to be a great learning experience for herself, so she decided that as soon as Mati got old enough, she would teach her how to run the farm, as it would make her more understanding toward the commoners when she “regains control of Siranai as queen” (so Sarla is training Mati to be a good queen… and believes Mati is going to be the savior. How does she know this? and what happened to make them leave their country?).


I could go on and on, but I won’t because I don’t want to give away too much 😉 I think this setup allows for more suspense and it poses more questions in the viewers’ minds that I have to answer, and I like that. That’s what I like about the shows I watch; wondering what’s going to happen next and why this or that happened. It’s what holds people’s attention and that’s probably the #1 key of storytelling! (and don’t worry, the pace will be faster than what it appears in this description and it will not be dull and mundane. I’m counting on some good dialog to make sure of that)

Have a happy Thursday, readers 🙂 Friday’s coming, and then the weekend!!

~N. L.


Yes I know, the words don’t even belong in the same sentence. But behold, it is possible!

This is where I went today with the kids I babysit–

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It’s right there in their subdivision! Cool, or what??


We had a fantastic time today rocking out to the likes of “Beautiful Soul” and “Dynamite,” chasing bubbles, and getting WET. And it was perfect weather. And when work was over, I sped down the road with the music (and the bass) turned up. And now I’m chilling on a gloriously comfy couch writing this. And God is good. Put those all together, and it was a GREAT day.

Don’t worry, I’m still working on my various writing projects! I will start work on the Siranai pilot episode pretty soon, but first I want to know EXACTLY what I’m doing so I’m going to go beat it out. Like right now. So, later readers!

“This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24


~N. L.

Wow… That failed.

You know how I said I was gonna try to post every other day? Heheh… Yeah… Not gonna happen. Obviously. Oh well.

What I AM going to do is give frequent updates, though. I’ve got the ideas for 10 episodes written for Siranai. Pretty soon I’m going to start up again on the pilot screenplay, but first I’m trying to research and make sure I’m really ready to make something pitch-worthy. It’s time to get serious.

I am also working on a worship song based on my life verse, Psalm 28:7, called “With My Song.” It’s going to be a song for soprano and alto and it’s basically just a rephrasing of Psalm 28. Hopefully when I get it done it will be suitable for a duet or ensemble (and I might use some of my church friends as guinea pigs 😉 )

Happy Spring, readers! Hopefully I will have some exciting updates coming up in the next few months 🙂

~N. Lingarow

Siranai Character Sketch: Montu

You’ve heard about the hero of my story, but what about the villain? Well, I’m about to introduce you to him. His name is Montu. (I have a way of choosing really random names. This one just HAPPENS to be the name of an Egyptian war god. How lucky was that??)

Name: Montukeo, or “Montu”

Physical description: A spirit-warrior who can take on any physical form, but he usually appears in the form of a middle-aged man with dark hair and a beard.

Characteristics: Vengeful, cruel, dictator-like. Enjoys torturing his victims and making a graphic display out of those he has killed.

His story: He was once a servant in the Kurnalans’ castle (during the days of Mati’s grandparents) but he was put to death for crimes against the crown (his crimes are unknown at the beginning of the story, but will be revealed during his big showdown with Mati at the end). When his spirit left his body, it wandered the earth until it found the island of Maladi, where criminals that are banished from Benedaea have made their home. He finds a common enemy with them, the royals of Benedaea, and spends 20 years with them planning the takeover. He eventually becomes their commander-in-chief and “king” of Siranai after the takeover.

Sounds like a cookie-cutter Disney villain to you, right? But trust me, he isn’t. His back-story will surprise you. And… of course I’m going to make you wait to find out what it is 😉

Happy Weekend, readers!

~N. Lingarow