W3 Short Story: Cass’s Escape

Hey readers,

Throughout the next few weeks (or months) I’m going to treat you to some little 500-ish word short stories about the band W3 (Weep With the Willows) and how they got together 11 years before Madison Daley was born.

It’s the year 1988, and 19-year-old Cassidy Meriwether is living with her abusive boyfriend, Manny, in a run-down apartment in a low income area of Los Angeles.

All of these stories and characters are my intellectual property and I reserve all rights to them.


This is the last time. The last time I’m going to hold a pillow in front of me and cower in a corner as he tries to yank the pillow off of me and beat me to a pulp. He’s never going to love me the way I want him to, and no matter how much it hurts to say goodbye, nothing could hurt worse than this.

I push back against him, and he throws his entire body weight on top of me, pinning me to the wall. “Stop struggling, you worthless bitch!” String-like tendons bulge out in his muscular neck and drops of saliva fly in my face as my boyfriend of three years unleashes his fury on me.

“Get off of me, Manny!” I roar back, with daggers growing from my eyes. I don’t go down easily, although I don’t typically punch him back. Once, I got my hand broken in the attempt, and I learned my lesson.

His black eyes darken with rage. “Cassidy Meriwether, you’re never going to find another man who’ll support your ass while you follow this stupid music dream of yours.”

“Well, maybe I don’t need another man,” I reply, batting his hand away from my face and darting out from the side of him. He vise-grips my wrist as I run away, causing a lightning bolt of nerve pain, and I cry out.

“Your moronic little high school dropout ass needs me, Cass. You have nowhere to go.”

Tears burn in my eyes as I turn toward the door. I know he’s right… I have no home other than this, but I’ll never get a job of my own as long as I keep having to explain these bruises at every interview. “I’ll find a place.” I yank my wrist free again and I grab the suitcase I hid behind the dresser along with my guitar case. I bolt out into the living room, pulling the chain lock open in record time and breaking free of my prison at last through the front door.

As soon as I’m out of the apartment building and several blocks down the street, I stop at a pay phone and put in the little bit of change I brought with me from Manny’s place. God, I need a cigarette like never before right now… I force myself to wait until after the phone call. I dial my best friend Rachel’s number and brush stray strands of my dirty blonde hair out of my face as I wait for her to answer. Come on… Pick up, pick up, pick up. We haven’t spoken in a while because she cut me off because of my toxic and dangerous relationship with Manny. I’m hoping that my leaving him will repair our relationship and convince her to let me stay with her for a while. “Hello?” she answers.

“Rach, this is Cass. I left him. I’m out.”

“Oh… Oh, my God! I can’t believe it!” She sounds like she’s about to burst into tears.

“Is there any chance I could stay with you for a night? I’m stranded out here.”

“Of course!” I hear an infant squealing in the background, and it pains me. I didn’t even know she was pregnant… “Come on over, I’d love to introduce you to my son. I’ve missed you so much, sweetie.”

“I’ve missed you, too. I’m on my way.” I hang up and walk the twenty-three blocks to her place with a new sense of freedom and a lightness in my step that hasn’t been there in… well, ever. I, Cassidy Meriwether, just liberated myself from captivity. I’m starting to believe that I might be capable of anything.

More to come…


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