Ambitious Resolutions

Last year, I didn’t set very many goals for myself. I had a wonderful year in 2014. A baby boy entered our lives and turned our world completely upside down. We made it through many twists and turns and I truly believe we are where we’re meant to be at this point in time, however I still feel that I could have done more. I didn’t lose much weight after giving birth and I didn’t get far on a novel at all (I did a lot of development, though).

This year, I decided to go all out with the resolutions. I’m determined to make next year a more productive year when it comes to writing (and other areas). Here are a few of my goals:

#1: Write a novel.

I mean legitimately WRITE one. Like the rough draft, all the in-between drafts, and the final draft. I want to be able to self-publish my first novel by 2016. A lofty goal, especially considering my other goals and responsibilities and my track record of never finishing anything, but I’m going to do my very best.

#2: Go back to school.

Trust me, actually getting to that point is going to be hard enough with all the hoops I have to jump through.

#3: Reach my ultimate dream weight.

I’ll tell you what it is once I actually get there.

#4: Stop being lazy.

This one is a little more vague. I have a tendency to blow things off because they’re too hard or I’m too tired to do them, which I think is the heart of my lack of drive and motivation at times. 2015 is not going to be a lazy year. No more sitting on my rear and waiting for things to happen on their own.

#5: Keep focus throughout the year.

Another vague one, but basically it just reiterates everything I just said. I’m not going to get distracted or discouraged from my goals this time. They’re too important. The most important thing I have to focus on is my family, but I shouldn’t let that keep me from doing these other things, too.

Happy New Year to everyone who follows or reads this blog! Cheers and best of luck in 2015!


The Tree of Christmas Past

Memories of years past are making this night bittersweet. My baby boy will open his first Christmas presents tomorrow. To people who celebrate Christmas, a baby’s first is an incredible milestone that is greatly anticipated and cherished. I did my best to get him plenty of gifts and wrap them well (well okay… one of them is a little bit badly wrapped, but is he really going to notice?)

Normally on Christmas Eve, all the family in the area would get together for a gift exchange or at least a dinner and enjoy each other’s company. This year, sadly, my grandfather is not well and my grandmother decided she just can’t manage to host family gatherings anymore. I knew this day would come eventually but the end of a happy era is always a bit depressing. Add that to the fact that it rained nearly all day today where I am and you have a slightly less than “merry” Christmas Eve.

I can’t complain too much, I have a wonderful family of my own now and a lot of things to look forward to in the next couple of weeks. Also, I am luckier than some as I have a little chunk of the Christmas Eve I’m missing: Grandma’s tree.


She was cleaning out things she doesn’t need anymore at the house and asked me if I wanted her Christmas tree a couple months ago. I said “yes” without hesitation. When it comes to traditions, I get a little bit sentimental and past me knew that present me was going to feel like this and want something to remember those Christmases by. When I look at this tree, I see the massive pile of presents we used to have under it as well as the ones that are actually there. I hear my aunt and cousin playing Christmas carols on the little electronic keyboards as all of us sing along. I taste the peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses on top that were my absolute favorite.

This tree is my ghost of Christmas past, but it’s also my present and my future. My husband’s crazy Santas and Darth Vader/storm trooper ornaments hang on it. Our “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament hangs on it. I decorated it with my signature ribbons and curly-Qs. Future Christmases will bring more ornaments and decorations and hopefully lots of wonderful memories with family. We will welcome visitors to come and stare at our quirky decorations that reflect our own unique style as a family. I wouldn’t change where I am today, but I’m glad I can hold on to a fragment of Christmases past, too. The tree of Christmas Past.

May you all have a joyous holiday season (and in case I don’t post before then, a Happy New Year)!

Warmest regards,


Needful Insomnia

Why is it that the courage to write finally came to me at 2:30 AM last night? I foolishly drank a couple cups of coffee between 4-9 PM and ended up with a bad case of the “I’m not tired”s until 4 AM. The good part of the story is that I finally, finally started writing my improved fantasy novel. This is not the first instance of late-night inspiration for me. Why can’t I write at a reasonable hour instead of needing a night of tossing and turning and three hours of sleep to get me motivated?

The answer lies in my current lifestyle choice. During the day, I have very little time to write and feel inspired. By nightfall, I am usually about to drop dead on the couch and not interested in anything but sleep. I suppose the coffee was the inciting incident this time. I finally had the presence of mind and the guts to write what was inside of me, even if it may suck major monkey butt. (I know, I’m giving you such great mental images today… I plead sleep deprivation induced insanity)

So in this case, on this day, I NEEDED to be awake at 2:30 AM with restless leg syndrome and darting eyes. I absolutely needed an odd scenario to begin work on this novel. Now that it’s started, it will be much easier to continue and maybe I won’t need the caffeine next time. So thank you, coffee. This time you came through for me and I will continue to use you to get through this long day (although I still hate you for costing me precious hours of beauty sleep).

Sorry for the rambling… I’m delirious. Exciting updates are (hopefully) soon to come! Thanks for reading!