RANT: Not Happy With Amazon

You would think that a company that makes money off of YOUR books that YOU spent so much blood, sweat, and tears working on would actually care if you’re successful or not. So far, that has definitely not been the case. My experience with KDP Select has not been a good one and I really wish I could call it quits, but I’m stuck in a contract for 75 more days.

Not only is this whole “page count pay” thing they’re implementing kind of bogus, but I know for a fact that they have blocked some reviews from people that did not need to have their reviews blocked. In my personal opinion, blocking book reviews just because you’re friends with someone on Facebook is NOT. OKAY. Just because I “friended” someone who was gracious enough to read my book and review it for me does not mean I bribed them or know them in person! Clearly, whoever came up with this policy is not in touch with how the modern world works. We friend and follow people for networking purposes and keeping each other updated, not necessarily because they’re our best friends.

If you are a supporter of the freedom to network and the rights of authors and artists everywhere, please sign this petition on Change.org. Amazon needs to be made aware that they are infringing on authors’ and users’ privacy and the networking that all of us work so hard on day in and day out. Also, personally, I think KDP Select should be something you can opt out of. It’s not for everyone, and making you stay in the program for 90 days with no way out is a bit excessive in my opinion. 30 days might be reasonable, but 90? I don’t recommend it. Get your book out there on every platform you can, folks. The publishing/self-publishing world is a jungle, and you need every advantage you can get.

Peace out, homies… Sorry for the rant. And if you signed that petition, Amazon authors everywhere THANK YOU.



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