A Downgrade from Mush

Prepare for a rant:

I didn’t think my brain mushiness could get any worse after I edited the first version of my current novel. I was so wrong. Now that I’m writing a brand new draft, my fourth in two months, I feel like my brain is gravy. Yes, gravy.

I’m so tired all the time that today I nearly fell over while waiting for my Mexican takeout.

Anyone who says being a writer is not a real job needs to be smacked. This is almost comparable to giving birth… Not as physically painful, of course, but easily as draining. I’m basically playing God with this book universe of mine, and it’s a huge responsibility keeping all my ducks in a row and not breaking continuity or going out of character. And yet, no one takes you seriously until you’ve published it and sold a million copies. I have very little free time and don’t eat until 12 PM most days because I’m being a mother to a 1-year-old and writing a book, but yet I don’t “work,” so people still give me the evil eye. I’d like to see them try this… The result would be quite amusing. (end rant)

Enough of the whining. I am pleased to report that I am over two-thirds of the way done with the fourth draft, and while it’s far from perfect, it is so much better than the previous drafts. I have a beta reader that is so into this novel that she accidentally tries to keep reading after the sample I give her is done. I described it to my husband today as a snowball going down a mountain… While you’re reading it, you feel like you’re on a runaway train of suspense, and little hints and tidbits of info are woven throughout, so there’s always a reason to keep reading. Two months and three days until the release! If I feel generous, I might include a sample in my next post!

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16-year-old Madison Daley is the beloved daughter of a Kentucky horse rancher… or so she thinks. When her dad reveals his past identity as a popular rock star, Mads is overjoyed and becomes determined to get him back to Los Angeles, where he got his start… and also where he still owns a 7.8 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. Her plan is to get her dad back to the stage for good, but her schemes bring about some unintended consequences along the way, including the attention of a handsome teen actor and some clues regarding the identity of her mother.

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And above all, have a fantastic remainder of the week!



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