Yes, I’m Still Awake…

Good Lord… I don’t know how much longer I can keep up this pace. This book has my eyes glued open morning, noon, and night. The good news is, I am making excellent progress, and as of today I am officially working on the third draft of my novel. Pretty soon, I’ll be able to reveal the title, since I’m putting it up on Amazon for pre-order. Once I do that, no internet lurkers can steal it, so I’ll be good to go. (please correct me if I’m wrong… I would really hate to be wrong about that)

Anyway, I’m hoping it’s not just me who suffers from this insane, life-altering writer’s insomnia. The “I CAN’T SLEEP UNTIL I FINISH THIS GOSH-DARNED BOOK” insomnia. The “OMG MY HEAD IS OVERFLOWING WITH IDEAS OUT OF CONTROL” insomnia. The “CAN’T STOP CRYING BECAUSE ALL I WANT TO DO IS GO TO SLEEP” insomnia.

Seriously, though… the insomnia. It’s godawful and I want it to go away.

I could probably sleep if I were to lay down and completely shut off my brain, but right now that’s just impossible. I feel like I’m in the caboose of a train that is hurtling full speed down a mountain without any brakes. The book is controlling me now, I have no say in the matter anymore. It is determined to be finished ASAP, no matter what.

Please, someone tell me I’m not crazy… Even if it’s not true, it would really be comforting to hear right about now.

Once my pre-order is finalized on Amazon, and I feel like it’s safe, I will be happy to share the title and description of my upcoming YA fiction novel with you all! No, not happy. Ecstatic! Exhilarated! Frenzied! (you’ll get that reference later, after you read my book)

TTFN, readers… Send some positive, sleep-inducing thoughts my way! Have a great week!



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