The “Unimportant” Details

When I’m writing, there are certain things that I have a lot of trouble getting motivated to write: for instance, the description of the house my character is walking into, or how the sand feels between her toes. I can see and feel all of that in my mind, so sometimes it feels like a chore to have to write it down. That’s probably what’s making the second draft a bit of a slow drag for me. I foolishly skipped a lot of descriptions and small details, and now I’m having to weave them all in bit by bit.

I’m starting to see, though, that the descriptions and the sensory details you add to your book are really what make it for the readers. Without a description of Madison’s love interest’s Italian-style villa, for instance, the picture as she walks up to it to meet him would be incomplete. If I add a detailed, efficiently eloquent description (in other words, not too wordy or overdone) the readers can see the picture that’s in my head just as easily as I can and they can really see and feel what my character feels on her journey.

I’m becoming a little bit more patient with the details now after that realization. It’s not a chore, it’s a privilege. I get to create a world for the readers with those “little” details. I’ve poured my heart into this project, and I’m really hoping that my demographic enjoys this book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

With all the hard work I’m doing, I can easily see this book being ready before 2016, so I might actually bump the release date up a bit. We’ll see what happens once I finish this second draft. I’m about to begin another long day of editing, rewriting, and adding descriptions, so wish me luck! And remember, fellow writers, the little details do matter!

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