I Wrote… MOST of a Novel!!!

Well, my YA fiction novel is almost completely re-written! There’s just some stuff I need to fill in (descriptions I didn’t feel like writing, so I put in brackets [insert description here], filler scenes that will round out the story, etc.) and then I can start with the editing process. Current word count is a measly 38,620 words, but I’m hoping that with the things I still need to write and fluffing things up a little more, I’ll be able to hit at least 50K with it. I really can’t believe I’m so close to having a draft fully written. I kept getting to 10K, 15K, 18K and realizing the story didn’t work, so I had to start over, but now I’ve got the framework fully laid out and I know I’m going to be able to finish it this time.

Now that most of my ideas for this novel are on paper, maybe I can start actually living a little bit… I’ve been shirking household duties and other things like gaming and watching TV for this, which I feel was worth it, but I’m still kind of tired of this novel taking over my life. Does anyone else feel like that? Like, once you have ideas that need to get on paper, you would set down everything just to write them?

Now I can actually breathe, although I’ve still got an epilogue to write… But screw it. I’ll get to that later. I wrote most of a novel, y’all! I can’t wait to get this thing finalized and move on to the publishing process!

Thank you all for following my journey! Big things are coming soon, like revealing the official title of my upcoming book and a couple of sneak peeks of the actual content! Also, eventually, I will have a book cover commissioned and be able to show everyone! SO EXCITED!!!!

Btw, I’m thinking of changing my pen name soon, so don’t be alarmed if I suddenly show up under a different moniker.

Have a great rest of the week!



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