1.5K a Day Challenge

I have been absent from blogging lately because I have been working on draft #523 (just kidding, although it feels like that) of my YA fiction novel. I have made so many awesome strides in my writing technique and productivity lately that I don’t dare quit now. The only problem with increased dedication and productivity is that it leaves little time for anything else (especially if you have a young family to take care of).

I just wanted to quickly share something that is helping me a lot right now. In spite of semi-debilitating physical issues (including an eye problem that might require surgery to correct), school, family, and other commitments, I have managed to write approximately 100K words (in multiple drafts and documents) in the past two months. That’s like winning NaNoWriMo two times in a row (I would have won last month, by the way, if it had all been one draft. I believe my grand total was 53K!).

I am well aware that a lot of people can write more than that in two months, but that is the best I’ve done at writing in like, ever. I saw an interesting study that revealed the daily word counts of famous authors and it was amazing how most of them only wrote 1K-3K words in a day and still are/were so productive. It’s encouraging to know that my average, 1,500 words per day, fits well into that middle ground. 1.5K words is a comfortable amount to write every day and it doesn’t take much time at all, maybe an hour or two depending on how inspired I’m feeling, and I can spend the rest of my precious hours on other things that have to be accomplished. Seriously, when you’re a mom, it feels like you should be allowed twice the number of hours everybody else gets after 9 PM to do things. If I’m a good girl and do my chores, I get only four hours of “free time” a day, which has to go to school, writing, and other obligations. I squeak in my TV time while the baby’s awake just so I can stay sane and feel like a human. (I went off on a rant there, I know, but seriously… Whose idea was this 24 hours in a day thing, anyway??)

All this to say, I want to encourage the other wonderful, busy writers I know to try this. Actually, not just encourage, challenge. If you’re serious about your writing, and you write 1.5K a day for 50 days, you’ve written a 75K word novel. That means you could technically write 7 novels in a year if you did this consistently (5 if you’re writing fantasy or something that needs 100K words). 7 novels is a LOT, y’all! If I can do it, so can you. You can pick your own number, but I like an average 1,500 a day. The numbers fit really well. #1500wordsaday

Have a great Sunday readers! And if you’re also a writer, try the 1.5K a day challenge! There are 45 days left until the next Camp NaNo anyway, so it almost works. (wish I had thought of this 5 days earlier…)

Thanks for reading,



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