Ambitious Resolutions

Last year, I didn’t set very many goals for myself. I had a wonderful year in 2014. A baby boy entered our lives and turned our world completely upside down. We made it through many twists and turns and I truly believe we are where we’re meant to be at this point in time, however I still feel that I could have done more. I didn’t lose much weight after giving birth and I didn’t get far on a novel at all (I did a lot of development, though).

This year, I decided to go all out with the resolutions. I’m determined to make next year a more productive year when it comes to writing (and other areas). Here are a few of my goals:

#1: Write a novel.

I mean legitimately WRITE one. Like the rough draft, all the in-between drafts, and the final draft. I want to be able to self-publish my first novel by 2016. A lofty goal, especially considering my other goals and responsibilities and my track record of never finishing anything, but I’m going to do my very best.

#2: Go back to school.

Trust me, actually getting to that point is going to be hard enough with all the hoops I have to jump through.

#3: Reach my ultimate dream weight.

I’ll tell you what it is once I actually get there.

#4: Stop being lazy.

This one is a little more vague. I have a tendency to blow things off because they’re too hard or I’m too tired to do them, which I think is the heart of my lack of drive and motivation at times. 2015 is not going to be a lazy year. No more sitting on my rear and waiting for things to happen on their own.

#5: Keep focus throughout the year.

Another vague one, but basically it just reiterates everything I just said. I’m not going to get distracted or discouraged from my goals this time. They’re too important. The most important thing I have to focus on is my family, but I shouldn’t let that keep me from doing these other things, too.

Happy New Year to everyone who follows or reads this blog! Cheers and best of luck in 2015!



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