The Tree of Christmas Past

Memories of years past are making this night bittersweet. My baby boy will open his first Christmas presents tomorrow. To people who celebrate Christmas, a baby’s first is an incredible milestone that is greatly anticipated and cherished. I did my best to get him plenty of gifts and wrap them well (well okay… one of them is a little bit badly wrapped, but is he really going to notice?)

Normally on Christmas Eve, all the family in the area would get together for a gift exchange or at least a dinner and enjoy each other’s company. This year, sadly, my grandfather is not well and my grandmother decided she just can’t manage to host family gatherings anymore. I knew this day would come eventually but the end of a happy era is always a bit depressing. Add that to the fact that it rained nearly all day today where I am and you have a slightly less than “merry” Christmas Eve.

I can’t complain too much, I have a wonderful family of my own now and a lot of things to look forward to in the next couple of weeks. Also, I am luckier than some as I have a little chunk of the Christmas Eve I’m missing: Grandma’s tree.


She was cleaning out things she doesn’t need anymore at the house and asked me if I wanted her Christmas tree a couple months ago. I said “yes” without hesitation. When it comes to traditions, I get a little bit sentimental and past me knew that present me was going to feel like this and want something to remember those Christmases by. When I look at this tree, I see the massive pile of presents we used to have under it as well as the ones that are actually there. I hear my aunt and cousin playing Christmas carols on the little electronic keyboards as all of us sing along. I taste the peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses on top that were my absolute favorite.

This tree is my ghost of Christmas past, but it’s also my present and my future. My husband’s crazy Santas and Darth Vader/storm trooper ornaments hang on it. Our “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament hangs on it. I decorated it with my signature ribbons and curly-Qs. Future Christmases will bring more ornaments and decorations and hopefully lots of wonderful memories with family. We will welcome visitors to come and stare at our quirky decorations that reflect our own unique style as a family. I wouldn’t change where I am today, but I’m glad I can hold on to a fragment of Christmases past, too. The tree of Christmas Past.

May you all have a joyous holiday season (and in case I don’t post before then, a Happy New Year)!

Warmest regards,



2 thoughts on “The Tree of Christmas Past

  1. It would be lovely if you could give Gma and Gpa a copy of this blog entry. I know it would mean so much. I’ve had a couple Christmas pasts at the same venue, and I well remember Aunt playing at the piano (before she brought the piano to her married home). Enjoy the Christmas present! 🙂

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