Thoughts on Black Friday

Life Behind the Kid

A lot of my readers live in the U.S. and celebrate Christmas but I’m hoping this post will ring true with everyone, because I’m about to talk about something that everyone can relate to: TOYS. Everybody loves toys. Even as you become an adult, you have to admit that our devices, cars, household gadgets and other items can become a lot like toys are to a child. But my question today is this, “How important are they, really?”

To a mom, I would say that toys are definitely a lifesaver. When you need 10 minutes of peace to clean or organize or heck, veg out on the couch, what do you say? “Here, play with your toys.” Honestly I think they benefit us sometimes more than they do our kids. But here’s a picture that illustrates that all these expensive doodads and thingamajigs are not always necessary.


This is my…

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