Official Resignation

I hereby declare that NaNoWriMo is a wonderful thing, but simply not for me.

I have tried and tried to get an idea ready to write and the bottom line is, I just cannot write something if the idea is only half-developed and sloppy. I JUST CAN’T. I aim for something amazing when I write and when it’s not amazing, to me it just… sucks. I can’t handle writing something awful. It’s just not in me. Great job to those who have already written 30K+ words in a month though, I truly admire you for that! I wish I could have joined you in that triumph! I won’t be attempting this again… It’s just not my style or my method to rush through things. For me, slow and steady wins the race, or at least tries to.

So yeah, now that that weight is off my shoulders I can tell you what my dilemma is. I am torn between two AMAZING book ideas. It’s the worst love triangle ever. On the one hand, I have a fantasy novel that I’ve been working on the concept for forever and now I’m finally figuring out what I need to do with it. On the other, I have a new(ish) idea for a YA fiction novel involving a girl and a band that is pretty awesome too. I would love to write both but it is too confusing for me to work on two projects at once. I need to choose one to focus on, but gosh, it’s just so hard!

Why do I have to be so much of a perfectionist? It really is a curse as a writer. I’m missing out on writing an amazing book because I’m just too afraid to frickin’ FAIL. Why is failure so scary to me?? Somebody give me a pep talk, please… And if you have any suggestions for deciding what idea to follow through on that would be great. I know it’s hard without the details and I’m sorry for that, but even just a general suggestion on how to make up my mind would be grand.

Thanks for reading my incoherent babbling. I’ve had a long day.



3 thoughts on “Official Resignation

  1. Tell yourself you will eventually write both novels but you have to do them one at a time. How to choose which one to do first? Maybe the one that seems more planned out and ready to go. Or the one that fills you with the most excitement so that you can picture yourself slogging away on it for months (or years). Or if all else fails, flip a coin. The important thing is to start writing. Perfection can wait until the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th draft).

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