Happy Halloween!

This is just a quick post for the sole purpose of showing off my adorable son. Seriously, Minion Dave has never been cuter–

369 371

We had an extremely fun night at a small house party and I only had two pieces of candy tonight. (A vast improvement compared to last year, when that number was more like 20… but hey, I was pregnant and craving chocolate)

We don’t really celebrate Halloween in the sense that we don’t go all out and decorate our house with witches and ghosts, but who could pass up the opportunity to dress up your 6-month-old like one of your favorite TV characters? Not me!

Hope that smiling face brightened up your day/evening like it brightens up every single one of my days 🙂


P.S. If you follow this blog, THANK YOU for helping me reach 100+ WordPress followers this past week!!!


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