Time to Dejumblify

Alright, I know you’re not supposed to do this during Camp NaNo but… I looked back. I read what I had written and reread and reread it. I liked it, but I had hit a wall. The storyline was not going to work the way I had tried to force it to. I felt defeated and disappointed. Yet another attempt at this novel, failed.

I texted my husband–

“Ok I really thought this book was going to work but I think I’ve hit some fatal errors. It’s seeming stupid to me now”

He asked me what I meant and I told him, and for the next few minutes we discussed what was wrong and how I could fix it. Little-known secret: behind every good writer is a spouse who came up with all the good ideas in the first place.

Long story short: I’m having to rework this if I want to move forward at all. The cords got twisted together; they’re good cords, but I’m going to have to reorganize them if I want to know what connects to what. This is a setback, but hopefully it will be a minor one because I can still use parts of my current rough draft.

Time to dejumblify my ideas… which basically means make them not so jumbled anymore.



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