Taking Off

The storyline is written. I’m not entirely convinced it will stay the way it is, but it’s written. Now comes the tough part… summoning the courage to actually start writing again.

I’m not sure why it’s scary to me. It never was before, but maybe that’s because I was younger and more naïve about how tough it actually is to write well. It isn’t the bed of roses it was back when I just sat down and wrote, not caring about how good or bad it was. Quality makes things difficult. This time, I want it to be good. Something worth publishing, reading, crying over, autographing, and winning awards.

I’m about to make a big admission right now–it is my ultimate dream as an author to write a bestselling novel… not because of the money, but because I want the sense of accomplishment. I want to be one of the greats… but doesn’t everybody? How does someone become great?

I think Thomas Edison said it best– “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” If you have a great idea, it will never be taken seriously or used unless you put it into action. Look how much we owe to Thomas Edison! And why? Because he worked his butt off. Yeah he had great ideas, but they would have meant nothing if he hadn’t gotten out of bed every morning (or never went to bed at all some nights, I bet) to work on his projects.

So to my fellow writers, I’ll say this today: regardless of your motivation level, write at least 1,000 words today. It can be anything random you want it to be, just put some work in!

It’s almost the weekend, hang in there y’all.

~Alli Day


3 thoughts on “Taking Off

  1. I’ve become subject to this as well in the past few years. I think it’s mainly fear of messing the entire book up in the first draft and wasting a ton of time writing something that will be so horrible in the end, which is why I’ve started skipping from one scene to the next if I know I’m going to not be able to write it well enough at the time. I also do minor edits while I write so that the plot doesn’t get out of stream.

    But really, just plunge in and start writing! I’ve also found it good to write what /you/ want to read rather than trying to make it good. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. I used to have the same problem, where I would get into such an editing state of mind that I couldn’t write anything longer than about 200 words before deleting the whole thing because it wasn’t good enough. Getting back into the state of mind of being able to just being able to write and then worrying about making it good when you get to the editing phase took a while, but helped me massively.

    I always see writing as being like sculpting. The first draft is when you just slam a big pile of raw materials onto the page/table, and it’s in subsequent drafts and with editing that you begin to chip away from the raw material and smooth it off and discover the final shape of the piece.

    So, as emiheart said, just write and enjoy it. Worry about making it perfect later on!

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