Character Introductions

I think it’s about time you met some of the other characters in my new novel. A couple of the names have been changed and things will continue to evolve as I keep writing, but last night I got a lot of ground covered on the storyline and soon I will be writing for real (OMG!!!!!).

You already met Lithiril, the heir to the throne of the fairy kingdom, Arbadia, and the destined savior of her people.

Maxinine you heard of as well–Lithiril’s grandmother who raises her on a secret island.

Azyrith is Maxinine’s lady-in-waiting. She and her family live with Maxinine and Lithiril on the island. At the time of the escape, she has a husband, Merimus, a two-year-old son, and a baby girl.

Ishnol is Merimus and Azyrith’s son and Lithiril’s best friend from infancy.

Arysa is the daughter of Merimus and Azyrith. She does not feel included by Ishnol and Lithiril, which leads to bitterness in her heart and gets her in trouble later.

Jenexis is no longer the name of Lithiril’s father, it is the name of her pet dragon. Jenexis owned the island before the small group of fairies showed up, but they tamed him and he became entranced by Lithiril.

Dyrol is the evil king of Siranai. He is a master of dark magic and holds the Arbadians slaves. They are not merely slaves physically, but in their minds and hearts as well because he has made them believe that they have no powers and they are worthless without him.

That’s all for now 🙂 I hope that excites you as much as it does me!!

~Alli Day


3 thoughts on “Character Introductions

  1. I like this stage, when the characters become real It makes me think of trees sprouting from the ground, in that you have no idea which way the branches will shoot out. The story line will most likely head “straight up”, but what kinds of twists and turns will they take in getting there.

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