Lithiril’s Story (A Short Summary)

Okay everyone, the moment you have all been waiting for… (drumroll please)

REAL information about my upcoming novel!

I just wrote this today. It is merely a foreshadowing of things to come, not an actual excerpt from my book. Also, Lithiril is only one in several important characters in my story so this is definitely not all there is to it. I hope this catches your interest! 🙂

(names, details, and general storyline subject to change)


Lithiril is the long-lost princess of Arbadia, the fairy kingdom. Arbadia has been taken over by humans and the once green, luscious countryside has become barren. The fairies have lost confidence in themselves and their powers and very few still have any hope.

The story goes that Lithiril’s parents were madly in love even before they were married. The moment her father Jenexis laid eyes on her mother Helinia, he knew she was special and wanted to know more about her. She was a noble and he was the crown prince, so no one frowned upon their union. They were married when they were both 17.

Not long after their marriage, the king died of illness. Jenexis was forced to take the crown at the tender age of 19. He was young and foolish and made some bad decisions that led to war with Siranai, the neighboring country ruled by humans, while Helinia was pregnant with Lithiril. Lithiril was healthy when she was born, but regrettably Helinia did not live through the pregnancy.

Jenexis and the fairies were winning the war until he received word that Helinia had passed. Jenexis’ heart was completely, irreparably broken. His drive faded and he was unable to motivate the troops to keep their fighting intensity. Eventually he was killed by the king of Siranai and his entire army fell captive to the Siranian troops.

Word reached the castle that the king had died and the army had been taken captive. The queen mother, Maxinine, took Lithiril and her handmaiden (and handmaiden’s family) and went into hiding on a secret island to preserve the last remaining hope for Arbadia. Lithiril grew up safely on the island, not knowing anything about her family’s history or her identity until she was 16.


That’s all for now! Thanks for reading, as always!! 🙂

~Alli Day


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