If You Want to Start Writing, Do the Dishes

Weird title, I know. But I’m dead serious.

I was getting pretty discouraged before today. It just seemed like my story was not going to come together no matter what I did. The problem was I had been occupying my mind with about a million things at once–TV, internet, games, phone… You name it, I was glued to it 24/7. I couldn’t stop.

I had been procrastinating on doing the dishes as well, but I finally decided to just get it over with. The TV was not on and I had no music going. It was just me, the puppy, the dishes, and my thoughts. Of course it was boring at first, but then I started thinking about my story. Exactly what was I going for? I thought about the themes and what I had already written… and then I had a revelation. If I combined the original story with the new one, it would be perfect. Everything would fall into place. After I was done with the dishes, I sat down at the computer and wrote down the plot I had come up with, half-afraid it wouldn’t actually work. It was, in a word, miraculous. I could not believe how awesome it was. I’m still keeping my plot shrouded in mystery for the time being, but hopefully an excerpt will be coming up soon. 🙂 For now I’ll just say that it’s still going to be 100% a fantasy novel. It involves fairies, slavery, and a princess rising to the occasion and becoming a heroine.

Doing the dishes (and other mundane tasks) gives you time when you HAVE to actually stand there and think. That is why so many writers have their biggest revelations doing something boring. Back when I still had to ride in the car instead of drive it, I had revelations while I was riding down the highway. Open up your mind and don’t be afraid to explore crazy ideas. It’s always the craziest idea that becomes your best.

Force yourself to turn off the TV and the iPod sometimes. I know for 21st century people that can seem really difficult, but it’s worth it. Great ideas do not spawn from a lazy brain.

On a side note, my blog just surpassed 60 followers and 2,000 total views! Thank you all so much for your interest and support! 🙂

~Alli Day


5 thoughts on “If You Want to Start Writing, Do the Dishes

  1. Alli – It sounds like you just needed to distract yourself with an inane task like the dishes to allow your creative self to emerge and solve your dilemma. We all can get too “hands-on” and handicap out creative self. You have me interested in this project, so i shall follow so i can keep tabs on it.

  2. Glad to see I’m not the only one with whom the dish therapy works! Walking the dogs (without the Ipod) also works great for me… Cheers to a New Year of new stories!

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