Fresh Year, Fresh Commitment

Alright y’all, I know I have not been super faithful with posting this year (okay let’s face it, I’ve been awful) but 2013 is a year full of promise and hope for me and I fully intend to get off my butt… in a manner of speaking… and start writing/composing in earnest again. You know that difficult choice I was talking about last time? Well, I’ve made it. I’m going to take that leap of faith. I’m going to follow my dreams. If I fail, I fail. My husband is my biggest supporter and he has encouraged me to do whatever it takes to make myself happy and to succeed.

The sky’s the limit in 2013! I have a tradition I always do on the 30th and 31st of every December and I kinda hope the idea spreads, cause it’s really fun. On the 30th, I write down all my big accomplishments (or at least happy memories) of the past year. Then on the 31st, I write down my goals for the upcoming year. It’s fun to look back on those posts/journal entries and see what I did accomplish and what I still have the pleasure of pursuing.

Tomorrow I will be posting what I did in 2012. I will be including the story of how I met my soulmate on, so stay tuned 😉

~Alli Day


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