Fighting Laziness

So I figured out why I came to a stand still in my story. It’s… done. There’s nowhere to go that is even halfway logical except wrapping it up. Slight problem… it’s only 40K words now and not fleshed out AT ALL. So the time for editing has come and… honestly… I DON’ WANNA.

Editing ain’t the fun part. I think just about any writer will agree. We love the wild epiphanies and the beautiful moments of inspiration. Editing is just…work. It’s boring at times, tedious, time-consuming, and uninspiring when you’re not having any great ideas for additions. The idea is just not thrilling me at all right now. In fact, I’m almost tired of the whole thing. So I’m thinking about doing something a little risky… writing the ending and starting Book Two before fleshing out Book One.

Think about it, writing Book Two would actually give me MORE ideas for Book One. Example–foreshadowing. If I already know what’s happening in Book Two, I can go back drop hints about it in Book One when I edit. Plus I’ll be excited about the series again instead of dreading writing. I don’t like that feeling. Writing has always been my friend, not my enemy, and I don’t want that to change any time soon.

So basically, I’m almost done with the rough draft of my current novel and will soon be moving on to the sequel. AH-MAZING 🙂 I started this blog post feeling “blah” and now I’m feeling “AHHHHH!!!”

So excited to reveal the finished product once I’m done with it and ready for self-publishing. Hoping that will be within the next year 🙂 Happiness! Thanks again for following my journey… and for your patience as I stumble through this process. I promise I won’t procrastinate much longer 😉




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