Update on Camp NaNo

I took a couple days off Camp NaNoWriMo, but today I’m back to writing again. So far, my word count is up to 27,878 on NaNo, 43,479 total. I have to say once again that NaNoWriMo is a wonderful thing. It’s actually a lifesaver. Without it, I may have given up on this novel by now.

One thing Camp NaNo has done for me is rid me of the silly notion that inspiration has to hit me over the head before I write. It is actually quite the opposite. You write, and then inspiration hits. When inspiration does finally hit, it makes writing seem like the fun pastime it originally started as–but until then, it’s more of a real… *gulp*… job.

Another thing Camp NaNo has done is force me to challenge myself. I have done things in the past two weeks that I had no idea I could do (such as write 6K words in a day). The word wars I have with my friends are not just fun, they develop me as a writer. I have to come up with something to write (and sometimes outline it beforehand) and then I have to put it down and force myself not to erase it, even if it’s crap. A lot of what I’ve written in the past half month has been crap, and it’s embarrassing, but I’m still proud of myself for writing it and leaving it alone instead of scrapping it all.

The story is kind of dragging at the moment… partially because I’m about to write a war segment, and I have zero clue about how to do that. I need to stop and do some research, really… but alas, in Camp NaNo you have to keep pushing ahead. I’m considering going back and fleshing out Part 1 instead of going forward with the war section, but we’ll see what my crazy little mind chooses to do.

I wish I could tell you more about the novel without giving too much away. I guess I’ll just have to hurry up and finish it so everything can be revealed 🙂

Thanks for reading! Can’t wait to announce that I’ve hit that magical number, 50K!



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