25K!!!! And more exciting news :D

I have, as of today, exceeded 25,000 words on my novel, “The Redemption of Velaria.”


Some of you may think this is a silly thing to be excited about, but seriously people, I have NEVER stuck with the same thing for so long. This is HAPPENING. I am really going to succeed this time.

The ideal length for a fantasy novel is app. 90K-100K words, so I estimate that I’m about 1/4 of the way through the book. I’m still working out all the kinks and developing the story as I go, but I can tell I have some real substance to chew on this time. The world I have tapped into is real and vibrant, and I think everyone is going to love it.

I wish I could share more, but alas, my time is once again running short. I will hopefully have a good storyline description ready for you all by the end of this week, and possibly even another sneak peek. My Camp NaNo word count is 8,376 right now. That’s just in 3 days, and I’m pretty far ahead of where I need to be right now (which is good, because tomorrow’s my first day at my new job, and I doubt I’ll be getting too much done).

The other exciting news is, my blog has 40 followers now! I am truly humbled! Thanks so much to everyone that is following my journey!! (that number on the side counts my FB friends, just in case you were wondering)

Take care!



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