Camp NaNo Has Begun!

Wow, I have not posted in WAY too long. Sorry y’all. Life has gotten crazy.

Anywho, I thought you might all like to know that I am finally, officially a part of the NaNo community. I’m doing Camp NaNo this month, and so far it’s going great 🙂 Thankfully I have a great group of people keeping me accountable this time, so hopefully this will turn out better than my Script Frenzy attempt. I’m just adding 50,000 words to “Velaria” (which is now “The Redemption of Velaria”) instead of starting a new novel.

I am also going to be working as a nanny 35 hours a week this summer AND doing summer school, so needless to say my life is going to be a wee bit hectic. I promise to keep updating when I can, though.

“The Redemption of Velaria” has morphed into a story that is almost equally focused on Ardith, Galen, and Liriba (if you don’t know who those are, scroll down and read some of my other entries). Each of them has a love story in the book and each has a very complicated mission, which I will explain on a day when I actually have time to breathe.

All this to say, exciting things are still happening even though I’m having a hard time finding the chance to post about it. Please stay tuned! 🙂



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