Storyline Complete!

The storyline for Velaria is officially laid out and I am ready to begin some serious writing. Oddly enough, I’m having a harder time getting started this time around than I did the time when I HADN’T storylined. (shut up Spell Check! I know that’s not a real word and I don’t give …)

It’s probably because this time I’m actually trying to do things RIGHT. I mean after all, isn’t doing things the right way always the hardest way? No good thing comes easy. It’s something I’m learning the hard way.

But hey, as usual, I am MEGA PSYCHED about where this story is going. It’s pretty much indescribable at this point, I’m still working out some kinks. Such as how to describe it. If I had to think of a one-sentence logline for this book right now I would be sunk.

In any case, as soon as I get a good excerpt to post from this new re-start I will definitely post it here first. My readers and writer pals are the backbone of my future career. I seriously couldn’t do without you guys. Thank you thank you, thank you thank you.

That’s all for tonight, I’m mentally exhausted from starting summer school today. Online. 13 credits. AND I plan to work AND write this summer too. Am I crazy?

ABSOLUTELY. But it doesn’t matter how many people thought you were crazy once you’ve won.




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