What have you been eating lately? Is your food real or fake? Join the challenge to eat right this week!!

Speaking Fit-ly

First of all I want to apologize for not keeping up the updates. I have gotten a bit lazy lately with my writing (which I know is not a good excuse, but it’s the truth).

I am here to present a brief observation and give a few thoughts on it, but hopefully I will be able to write more in depth on this subject throughout the week. It is one thing that I think DESPERATELY needs to be addressed in my country and around the world in countries that use processed food.


I get ridiculously hungry on days when I work out because my body needs nutrients. I start eating with good intentions, and it would be fine if I dove right into a hearty helping of lean meat and veggies. However, ironically, my cravings kick in the most on these days and oftentimes…

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