Fall Back, Regroup

I realized at one point in my writing over the past couple of days that I was writing myself into a dead end, as I tend to do, so I’ve called a writing hiatus so I can make outlines/storylines/character sketches, etc.

I think the bones of the story are pretty good, it’s just kind of “crude” at the moment (as a friend of mine once so graciously called one of my ideas 😉 ). I’m trying to work out the kinks and from the looks of it, that sort of thing is better done from a distance. In the process of steering all of this in the right direction, I’ve come up with a great idea.

What if the main battle in this story is NOT the physical, emotional, or mental? What if it could be spiritual?

You know, that thing all humans have but no one wants to talk about.

And no, I’m not talking about “religious” spiritual. I’m talking about that deep, dark place inside of you that houses your true feelings and desires. That place you would NEVER want someone else seeing.

Your secrets.

You remember Mati from my “Siranai” story that I often talk about? Well, her grandmother, Liriba, makes an appearance in this story. Guess who her father wants her to marry? King Callagan, the monster. So Liriba runs away and on her way, she meets a soothsayer that tells her about Ardith (who, by the way, is actually the princess of Ethiria but moved when she was younger because of her crazy father… and I do mean crazy). Liriba seeks Ardith and finds her when Galen and Ardith are traveling to Julius’ house to begin their quest.

Liriba provides her protection to Ardith and Galen on their quest (because Benedaun powers are the greatest in the land) but… there’s a catch. When they are under the protection of the crystal, they have to enter the world of the spirit, which is where you can see others’ motives, hallucinate your wildest fears into existence, see ghosts, and all other manner of nonsense.

Not totally original, but I think I can work with it.

I have other great ideas, but I will bore you with my bragging no longer. jk. Hope the concept of this novel excites you as much as it does me 🙂 TTFN!



4 thoughts on “Fall Back, Regroup

  1. I don’t think the idea is too common, I don’t remember reading anything similar to this. Keep on writing but take a break sometimes and read the whole thing after some days, things get clearer when you are away from it for awhile.

    • Yeah these couple days resting from writing have already been beneficial. I have a better idea of where I’m going and what I’m going to do about some of the problems I’m encountering.

  2. I love your idea of the battle being in the “soul” of the story and more directly, the characters. This is the first post I’ve read of Life Behind the Pages,but from this post I know I will be spending this week taking a look at all your other ones! I want to learn about the characters you mention and more about this world and these people you have created!

    Oh right, about the “soul” of the story ( I keep using soul, I know you used “spiritual” and I mean the same thing, different individual language, ha-ha!) I also wanted to say that I love when an author goes into the subject, I love talking about it and hearing others thoughts on it because I have a difficult time expressing that place and thoughts and, even now I am having difficulty. I find (for myself) that the most difficult way of expressing the, place, feeling, gooey insidy part, is through writing.
    I feel like I just don’t have the /right/ words for it, you know? However, this post you have made has inspired me to do a bit more practicing!

    • Welcome to my blog! I think of it as the “soul” too, I just didn’t use that word in this particular post, so it’s all good. Hearing I’ve inspired someone always makes my day, so thank you! I think you will enjoy this novel and the journey I take while writing it so please stay tuned 🙂

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