SPEAK–A poem

This poem is my statement against cult-like religious oppression. Speak out, victims of silence, and experience the truth of God’s mercy washing over you.


by N. Lingarow

Should I speak?


Their bows are poised to shoot.

Their arrows are lit with flame.

Silence is my savior.

Should I act?


Their nets are set for capture.

Their pits are dug for entrapment.

I must remain in place.

My only freedom is in my mind,

But even my brain is sick with their poison.

Should I think?


But the fog is setting in.

The clouds are walls around me.

Are they right? Am I wrong?

Should I breathe?

I must, or I shall die.

Should I think?

I must, or I cannot see.

Should I act?

I must, or I shall be a prisoner forever.

Should I speak?

I must, or the fire in my soul will consume me.


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