How Ardith Met Galen

I’m feeling very generous with the sneak peeks this week. I love this little story, because it is so profoundly prophetic when included with the big picture of my novel. Galen and Ardith meet in a sweet way and just “happen” to discuss exactly what they will need to know 4 years later. Coincidence? Maybe. Destiny? Definitely.

By the way, “Etheria” is a name that I may be changing soon. It’s a little too popular for my tastes….

Here’s snippet #2 for the week– (the part in italics indicates a past event)


I was teased in school from the very beginning of my time in Velaria by some of the children who thought they were in a higher class of society than me. They called me “twig” and “poor girl” and often said they would not even roast me for meat in a famine because I had so little on me. Their words hurt, and just reminded me of how far I was from my once-happy home in Etheria. Finally one day I ended up sobbing in the corner of the schoolyard, friendless and alone.

It was then that Galen, one of the oldest students in the school, came and sat by my side and handed me a nectarine, which was a symbol of friendship in Velaria. His eyes were kind and compassionate.

“I’m Galen,” he volunteered. “What is your name again?”

“Ardith,” I hiccupped, my sobs fading a bit.

“I’m sorry for the trouble you’re facing from the other students. They will hurt anyone if it helps build up their own selves.”

I hiccupped again, and nodded. “Thank you.”

“Where did you move from?” he asked.

“I am from Etheria,” I replied.

“Ah,” he said. “So you’re a fairy?”

I smiled slightly. “A fairy child. I will be a real fairy someday, when I get my wings.”

He nodded in understanding. “I’ve heard that fairies use their magic to help people, is that true?”

“Yes, most of the time. Some have turned evil, but most of us would help anyone in a time of crisis,” I said. “My mother is Fairy Pleasantbearing. A lot of people in town come to her when they need something.”

“Well now I know where to go if I’m ever in a bind,” he joked. He looked into my eyes and said, “I’d like to be your friend. I like you, Ardith Pleasantbearing.” I smiled, feeling a blush sweep over my cheeks, and nodded in reply.

Just then, the teacher emerged from the schoolhouse and rang the bell, which meant class was starting again. Galen’s sweetheart, Helen, came up to us and said, “Come, Galen.” I could tell she was a bit suspicious of my blush but was too kind to confront me about it.

“Thanks again,” I said to Galen, and he nodded in response. I watched him as he stood and walked inside the schoolhouse with his girl. He reminded me of Julius somehow, and just talking to him for those few moments had lifted my spirits.

I always said hello to Galen in town if I saw him, and he was always just as kind as he had been the first day we met. After Helen realized I was no threat to her, she was equally sweet and I was very happy for them when they got married and when I heard they were expecting a baby. Our friendship had never gone very deep, though, so I had not even thought of him when I was trying to think of someone who could help me with Julius’ plan.

But then, the very morning after I had returned from Julius’ home, Galen came to our cottage with his baby and I overheard him and my mother talking about his wife…. Or more accurately, how she had been stolen from him. I was angry at the king, sad for him, but happy that he had come to us. I knew then that I had found the one we needed.


And there you have it 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! Comment/like/rate, please!



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