Speaking Fit-ly

The change in my body since 2 weeks ago is truly amazing. I am now almost back to my former level of fitness. I breezed through the workout today and was even jogging when everybody else was walking. “Youth is wasted on the young” does not apply to me. I’m transforming my life right now while I can still reap the full benefits.

I got weighed in today; they said I lost a pound, 1/2 an inch around my waist, and an inch around my hips. Not bad, but the best result I’ve had so far is DEFINITELY the return of my physical abilities. I would rather be able to run a mile than wear a size 6. (granted, wearing a size 6 would be nice, but…)

Once I get my diet under control, I’m hoping those numbers will go down a bit more quickly. I must say, I have…

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