Speaking Fit-ly

I got my butt kicked today. Like, severely. Like, I was about to SCREAM, severely.

It didn’t help that I was tired and lethargic to begin with. I had eaten horribly on Sunday and let me tell you, it came back to bite me today. My energy was at level zero and I ended up almost puking up my breakfast (I know, lovely information right?).

We did pretty much the same exercises we always do today, so I’ll jump right into my fitness tips–

1. Pick your splurges wisely. Yesterday I ate practically nothing but junk and called it a “splurge.” What it really was was giving my body the finger (sorry if anyone’s offended by that, but there’s no other way to describe it). Splurges are cheat MEALS, not cheat DAYS, especially the day before a workout.

2. Don’t be afraid to sweat. I have a distaste for sweat…

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