With the unfortunate death of my laptop screen this past week, it became more and more difficult to continue Script Frenzy. Eventually I kind of gave up the ghost. It’s just not meant to be this year. However, I now have a great story to work with and I think writing it as a novel is my next course of action.

It’s almost official, Velaria is probably going to be the prequel to Siranai (or the first in a series… probably the latter). Nothing is set in stone about either of these two stories as of now, but it’s all kind of coming together.

Velaria still has a very strong political message, but it’s also going to be fun to read and whimsical; a difficult blend, but I think it works. Ardith is going to change from a sweet, innocent, kind fairy to a kick-butt heroine by the end of the book. I will be telling the story from her perspective so the audience can see her total inner transformation. She goes from wanting to do something about her country’s plight to using powers no fairy has ever used before and showing the world that power can be used for good. I’m a little nervous about writing this book, to be honest. It’s moving into some dangerous territory that might be stepping on some people’s toes. But in a strange yet powerful way, I feel like it’s necessary to move forward with this. Who knows what it might morph into?

So unfortunately, I’m pretty much down and out as far as Script Frenzy goes. But I feel like it was divine appointment in a way that I started SF with this idea in the first place. Will keep you posted! πŸ™‚

Happy Thursday!



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