Still on page 40…

I figured it’s high time I gave a report on Galen of Velaria. I’m typing this from my phone because my computer is being a brat, so forgive the brevity of this post.

I’m on page 40, which is a good accomplishment, but I’m a bit behind schedule as far as Script Frenzy goes. I should probably be on page 45 right now as far as they’re concerned. Still, I’ve made some real progress and gotten farther than I’ve ever gotten before on a screenplay, which is good.

Galen’s wife has already made an appearance. She has broken free from her captivity in the king’s harem and is a fugitive. She heads straight for home…only to find Galen and Winslow missing. So she goes to the town busybody and finds out they “ran away.” She is determined to find them.

Meanwhile, Ardith has taken Winslow to Julius’ house in Etheria (land of the fairies) and is taking care of him so Julius can garden more to feed the 3 of them. Ardith is so tired from her new responsibility that she doesn’t notice Julius is falling for her.

I also wrote a comedy scene related to Galen’s invisibility that I think everyone is going to enjoy. I thought I’d play with that idea a little bit, hehe 😉

Have a lovely weekend!



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