One-Fourth Done and Feeling Empowered!!

My Script Frenzy screenplay is 1/4 of the way done!!!!! (at least by SF standards)

25 pages are written. Yes, they’re crude, and in desperate need of editing and fleshing out, but they’re WRITTEN.

I know I already posted about SF today, but I had to rejoice in this a little bit. This time last week I was panicking because all my ideas were crap and SF started on Sunday. I really thought I was going to have to drop out. Seriously, my ideas DID suck that badly. But as Morgan and I were talking, I randomly popped up with, “What if we do like, Communism meets Fairy Tale World?” and the idea stuck.

To my writer friends, if you write screenplays (or even if you don’t) and you’ve never done Script Frenzy, PLEASE do it. It is like a shot of life to your writing career (or career-to-be). Don’t worry about the quality of your work, you can always edit later. Just write. Routine isn’t always a fun thing, but even us super-human writers need a little structure sometimes. I’ve learned my lesson!

Once again, happy weekend lovelies!



2 thoughts on “One-Fourth Done and Feeling Empowered!!

  1. Have you used Write Or Die? That’s a great motivator for writing, does panic you a bit though! When I did Nanowrimo we had a meet up of writers which I think was the day I wrote the most words – we’d have word wars against each other for about ten minutes, it was great fun.

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