And the story grows… (SF Day 6)

Galen of Velaria is just… wow… taking off like I never would have believed a week ago. Now that I’ve got 22 pages done I’m so glad I signed up for Script Frenzy, because it’s a GREAT motivator for getting writing done.

The changes I’ve added are that Julius is actually a fairy that refuses to use any magic, because he says “it’s an acid to the soul,” meaning he’s afraid that power would corrupt him. Nevertheless, he helps Ardith come up with her plan to save them all from King Callagan’s “ultimate power” and is a supportive friend. Then when Ardith meets Galen, he’s trying to do his blacksmith work but he had to bring his baby with him and it’s impossible for the baby to deal with the noise and the heat, so the baby is squalling and Galen is angry that the king and his men are forcing him to do this.  At first he’s afraid of Ardith when she tells him she’s a fairy because he thinks all fairies are bad (a lot are evil) but she earns his trust and tells him her plan.  He says he wants to help, but he has to think about it. He allows her to take the baby out for some rest while he works.

It’s supposed to be very fantasy-like, but frighteningly realistic. Like this is WAY too similar what really happens to people sometimes. (kinda reminds me of a movie I just saw recently *cough cough The Hunger Games cough cough*)

Can’t wait for more of this story to develop and I can’t wait to reveal the final product to certain people who are already raving fans of my yet-unborn story 😉

Praising the Lord for all He has given, especially on Good Friday! Happy Easter weekend! Eat lots of chocolate bunnies for me, I’m on a diet… (although I may sneak a few jellybeans when no one’s looking…)



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