Day 4 of…who am I kidding.

Sorry, I won’t be writing my 4 pages for Script Frenzy today. This is the first non-busy moment I’ve had all day long, so it’s just not going to happen tonight, I’m too exhausted. (I know, I’m breaking the writer code… but I’m sick with a double ear infection AND I still have to clean the kitchen… so yeah, I have an excuse to be “too tired to write” this time :P)

Today must have been my lucky day though, because I got an unexpected $50 in the mail today. AND I won something today… which I will announce at a later date, once I know if I can actually take advantage of the opportunity or not.

Yes, this is super short. Yes, I’m a disgrace to writers everywhere for being too tired to write a long blog post. My apologies.



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