Day 2 of Script Frenzy–I DID IT!!!!

I am so freakin PROUD right now, I wrote my 4 pages today! Within an hour and a half, actually 🙂 ME HAPPY…

This is going to be way easier than I thought if I just have to spend an hour and half on it every day. I’m not being super careful about details right now, just writing basically on track with the story. Today King Callagan made a deal with some wizards and found the source of ultimate power, and tomorrow he’s going to use his powers to lure his love interest in and then set up his Communistic reign in Velaria. He is already somewhat corrupt, but the power is just going to finish his corruption and make him totally evil. It’s going to be interesting to write lol…

Instead of working on character sketches for minor characters today, I’m going to post here my character sketches for King Callagan, Galen, and Ardith. Here’s a little glimpse of what these characters are like.

King Callagan—

  • Mid-20s
  • Attractive, but ruthless and evil
  • Has friends in high places in the magic world and tricks them into giving him the source of ultimate power
  • Rules his country like a dictator and is feared and hated by everyone
  • Takes away men’s wives, sleeps with them for one night, and then kills them


  • Early-20s
  • Super attractive and intelligent
  • His wife was taken away by King Callagan
  • He has an infant boy named Winslow
  • He works as a carpenter but is also a master swordsman


  • A fairy
  • Appears young and beautiful but is actually thousands of years old
  • Is good and wants to see good prosper and prevail in the land of Velaria
  • Is wise and caring but CLUELESS about how to raise a child

*sigh* I love writing fantasy 🙂 Can’t wait to see where this story is going to take me. Hope you guys had a great Monday!



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