Day 1 of Script Frenzy (April 1)

(I’ll write another post tonight about what happens today)

Whelp, looks like I’m flyin’ solo on this one after all. My partner decided this would be too much for her this month, so I’m by myself. Don’t worry, I’m fine with this. The concept we came up with was mostly mine anyway, and since I’m a control freak, I love the idea of… well, being in control.

So last night I frantically threw together a beat sheet (which is definitely subject to change, ESPECIALLY the ending. I think some of Blake Snyder’s categories can be played around with, right?) and I’d like to post it here so you guys can check it out. My screenplay is called “Galen of Velaria.”

Opening Image (1): Evil King Callagan is upset because a princess refused his offer of marriage due to receiving another offer from someone more wealthy and powerful.

Theme Stated (5): Ultimate (or absolute) power is something no human should have.

Set-up (1-10): King seeks ultimate power against the advice of his counselor and finds it. He captures it and sets up a communist-like regime.

Catalyst (12): The only good fairy left, Ardith, decides to find a human being who can stop King Callagan and destroy the source of ultimate power.

Debate (12-25): Ardith searches and searches and finally finds Galen, a widower with an infant son. She begs him to fulfill his destiny but he has to decide whether to leave his baby behind and follow the path to victory or stay with his child and continue to face the oppression. Galen agrees to become invisible and silent in order to fulfill his destiny.

Break into Two (25): Galen takes off on his journey, and Ardith stays behind to care for his baby boy, Winslow.

B Story (30): Ardith has a hard time learning how to care for a baby but eventually gets the hang of it and starts falling in love with Winslow.

Fun and Games/Learning (30-55): Galen has a hard time adjusting to being invisible and silent, which turns out to be comical. He also observes a lot of things while no one can see him and his resolve to beat King Callagan strengthens.

Midpoint (55): Galen arrives at the castle and tries to find where the king has hidden the source of ultimate power.

Bad Guys Close In (55-75): After a lot of sneaking around, Galen gets so close to the source of ultimate power and almost takes it—but he accidentally knocks over a vase and breaks it and the guards find him out. He tries to escape without the king finding him, but the king un-magics him and puts him in a horrible prison cell.

All is Lost (75): Galen curses magic while he’s sitting in a jail cell, missing his baby.

Dark Night of the Soul (75-85): Ardith appears in Galen’s jail cell and offers to break him out, but Galen tries to send her away, saying he just wants to go home and be with Winslow and this whole thing was a bad idea in the first place. She has to show him the future in order to convince him that he has to keep trying.

Break into Three (85): Ardith breaks Galen out of the prison cell and works together with him (baby in tow) to find the source of ultimate power…WITHOUT MAGIC.

Finale (85-110): After a lot of sneaking around and stabbing guards, Galen captures the source of ultimate power and subdues King Callagan with it. He is tempted to keep it himself, but finally destroys it and out of gratitude, the people choose him to be their new king.

Final Image (110): Galen is crowned king, is reunited with his baby, and begins a romantic relationship with Ardith.

So after I beated it out, I wrote the character sketches for the 3 main characters and wrote 3 pages. Not bad for a Sunday!

Today I am hoping to write at least 4 pages and some more character sketches. Wish me luck! And good luck fellow Script Frenzy-ers! 🙂



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