“I am a Writer” (short poem)

“I am a writer”:

I think deeply and dream.

I am a cat; rub me the right way, and I won’t scratch–

But God forbid you should ever wake me from a deep sleep.


I do not live in your world.

My world is a magical land filled with pleasure and promise;

Yours is dominated by money, mine is dominated by soul.

I like my world. I don’t like yours.


I stare into the invisible,

And you wonder what I’m looking at. You think it’s nothing,

But I am peeling back the barrier between this world and the next.

I am the history of tomorrow.


“I am a writer”:

I am not merely human.

I have tasted the riches of an invisible plane.

My soul is an ocean–and my body the sand.


~N. Lingarow


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