Wow… That failed.

You know how I said I was gonna try to post every other day? Heheh… Yeah… Not gonna happen. Obviously. Oh well.

What I AM going to do is give frequent updates, though. I’ve got the ideas for 10 episodes written for Siranai. Pretty soon I’m going to start up again on the pilot screenplay, but first I’m trying to research and make sure I’m really ready to make something pitch-worthy. It’s time to get serious.

I am also working on a worship song based on my life verse, Psalm 28:7, called “With My Song.” It’s going to be a song for soprano and alto and it’s basically just a rephrasing of Psalm 28. Hopefully when I get it done it will be suitable for a duet or ensemble (and I might use some of my church friends as guinea pigs 😉 )

Happy Spring, readers! Hopefully I will have some exciting updates coming up in the next few months 🙂

~N. Lingarow


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