Siranai Character Sketch: Montu

You’ve heard about the hero of my story, but what about the villain? Well, I’m about to introduce you to him. His name is Montu. (I have a way of choosing really random names. This one just HAPPENS to be the name of an Egyptian war god. How lucky was that??)

Name: Montukeo, or “Montu”

Physical description: A spirit-warrior who can take on any physical form, but he usually appears in the form of a middle-aged man with dark hair and a beard.

Characteristics: Vengeful, cruel, dictator-like. Enjoys torturing his victims and making a graphic display out of those he has killed.

His story: He was once a servant in the Kurnalans’ castle (during the days of Mati’s grandparents) but he was put to death for crimes against the crown (his crimes are unknown at the beginning of the story, but will be revealed during his big showdown with Mati at the end). When his spirit left his body, it wandered the earth until it found the island of Maladi, where criminals that are banished from Benedaea have made their home. He finds a common enemy with them, the royals of Benedaea, and spends 20 years with them planning the takeover. He eventually becomes their commander-in-chief and “king” of Siranai after the takeover.

Sounds like a cookie-cutter Disney villain to you, right? But trust me, he isn’t. His back-story will surprise you. And… of course I’m going to make you wait to find out what it is 😉

Happy Weekend, readers!

~N. Lingarow


2 thoughts on “Siranai Character Sketch: Montu

  1. sound like sauron sorta as well…. but that’s ok. maybe it’s just because I’m a LOTR geek. actually, he sounds really cool.

    • Well he’s definitely under construction still, and the back story will REALLY distinguish him. Let’s just say he has closer ties to Mati than you might think… 😉

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